Why Jarco Failed - Star vs. the Forces of Evil Fanbase

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Even if you didn’t ship Jarco, you have to admit, Jackie wasn’t treated well at all! Do you agree with this video?

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Jarco died out of complete neglect and ignorance from the writers who wanted to do nothing but rush the show as quick as possible to and mewwwwniiii. Even going so far as to risk turning Marco into a complete self centered jerk and ruining any and all character development on Earth, which is what i believe made the show so good. Now on mewni i can’t even watch the episodes, they’re just not very good or attachable to.
Even as a hardcore Jarco shipper I’m not mad they broke up, im mad how they did actually break up. It was so messed up how the writers dumped so many characters just to move plot along for something that even starco shippers aren’t a fan of, at least out of what I’ve seen.
It’s simply disgraceful what they did to the show on sophomore slump. Everyone (especially Jackie) had tons of character development owed to them when the show left earth, and in turn, left its identity.

Author — @loganknowsnoneofyourbusine263


The cape wasn't the only reason...

*1.* Marco was becomeing full of himself

*2.* He wouldn't stop talking about Mewni

*3.* He could let go of Mewni

*4.* He wasn't paying enough attention to Jackie when he came back

Author — @salted_chips_exe5087


I think you missed the point... The problem wasn't the cape, it was what the cape represented; his loyalty to Star. I think Jackie felt that he missed Mewni and Star too much to enjoy his time with her, so she broke it off.

Author — @butlerkitty


JarCo ended because of Marco's deep neglect of the relationship (and of Jackie) and the cape was merely one more sign that he wouldn't commit. If Jackie is to be believed, of the 3 months they were an official couple (5 dating) Marco was away on Mewni (a place that Jackie cannot follow, nor even contact him, without outside help) for HALF that time. Of the other half, Marco was emotionally distant, fixating on Mewni to such an extent that he never ONCE asked her about her summer vacation (one she stated in both "Starcrushed" and the Guidebook she was excited to spend WITH him).

Marco got Jackie into a relationship under accidental false pretenses. His confession is portrayed as what pushed her to start thinking about Marco romantically and honestly it "should" be intrinsic to her character. Marco: "I placed her on this sort of pedestal, but do I like the image of her ... or for who she really is? All I know is she DESERVES someone who WANTS to get to know her" and that person clearly WASN'T Marco; his mind was always on other things.

As evidence of this deep neglect was Marco's failure to function in the slightest with Jackie's "Read My Mind Marco" games (which where clearly testing him) even MONTHS after they started being a couple. Beyond this, his "Ultimate Date" showing just how little he knew about his own GF when he arrived at her door with absolutely NOTHING planned (and a date he only felt pressured into asking her on for being called on a pretty HUGE mistake, that he didn't really look into).

IMO, while the cape showed Jackie how little Marco was willing to commit to her (even for a few measly hours), she gave him "the out" as an olive branch to let him make the decision for himself; which Marco refused. Jackie only ended things with him AFTER he called her his best friend (which he would only have said if he was lying to himself and believed it) proving once and for all that Marco had NOT overcome his "Image of her placed on pedestal" and he likely NEVER would. He was NOT the one Jackie "DESERVED", the one who "WANTS" to get to know her ... so, Jackie ended it.

Author — @cardbutton892


I thought Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil was a show about fighting off monsters. After season 1, it completely turned into a romance show. Might aswell change the title to Star Vs. The Forces Of Ships.

Author — @Louis-hp2yo


When the series started, I saw Star and Marco as a sibling-like relationship, judging by the fact that they lived together, Marco's parents treated Star like their daughter, and Marco being a guide to Earth for Star really reminded me of an older/younger sibling relationship.
Then season 2 rolled around, and now they're being shipped together and have complicated romantic feelings for each other...

Author — @snowy.skulll


The problem with Jarco is that the writers were writing Starco the entire time instead of developing a healthy, interesting relationship that, if Starco weren't end game, would've worked just fine.

Author — @CyberDork34


I must say there was a lot more they could of done to fix shipping issues between characters.

Author — @AlexKensington


They didn't break up because of the cape they broke up because Jackie realized that Marco had feelings for Star and couldn't fully commit to their relationship and yes I still believe the writers should've developed their relationship more

Author — @arisanchez5861


I think Marco had a crush on Jackie but developed feelings for Star and that the cape is more significant Jackie really wanted a relationship with Marco but he wanted to go to Mewni and Marco also said that Jackie is his best friend and we all know that isn't true and if Marco wants a girlfriend that is his best friend I think it is all pointing to Star. For me it seems like it was on purpose that the relationship they had was short it shows that even if Jackie was perfect for him that he already fell in love with someone. Even if Marco had a crush on Jackie it was just a crush and than Star appeared if he wasn't already in love or if Star never came to earth I don't even know if Marco would have had the courage to even talk to Jackie. Well I don't like the whole Kellyco ship but that is another story.

Author — @unknownstranger1668


Jarco failed because Marco was no longer as interested in Jackie anymore and she knows this, at bonbon and starcrushed, marcos priority is still "protect star". When marco saw star with tom, he was miserable as hell. When marco broke up with jackie, he was mostly fine

Author — @MagnificentCreature


You forgot about to mention Starcrushed. You showed pictures from the episode, but you skipped to Sophomore Slump after you talked about Bon Bon the birthday clown. Starcrushed has them bonding and share another kiss. I’m just saying that that episode should have been talked about.

Author — @comicguy416


I'm glad you guys like the vid! It's my first contribution to this channel and it's community, it was also pretty fun editing it too.

Author — @BootlegGamerssuccmiwee


In my opinion she realized that she's not the one that Marco wants to spend his time! After Star expose her feelings in front of everyone, Jackie was there! With the Cape, it feels like the best thing to do is Marco to go! When Marco says that Jackie is his bestfriend, she knows that its not true, so even with the short time, she had to do it because its the best thing for Marco! Even if it means break up! (Hahahaha, I hope I'm making sense)

Author — @koolbabylon


Well, although I never shipped jarco, it was a cute ship while it lasted. And, I was sad to see it go.

But it was obvious to me that this would happen.

And it's not even because I want starco cannon, it's just because jackie never paid any attention to him until he admitted, and then right after he left for mewni leaving her behind. To me, i knew jackie would have a problem to this. Then, the breakup came and I cried (Because I'm a baby). But, I felt like she was ready to give this enother chance, then Marco said "your my best friend jackie" and some people may just say "SHE'S YOUR FUCKING GIRLFRIEND DUDE WTF" but he meant he was replacing jackie with star, making her say "we both know that's not true" again, not saying this for the perpose of starco. But, that's only what I think

Author — @saintsalems7147


Jarco was adorable while it lasted (of course starco is end goal tho) I find that the writers just used this as a kind of way to get Star to confess her feelings to Marco. From the beginning Marco was shown to have deep feelings for Jackie, but Jackie never seemed to care that much about him. After Marco told Jackie he liked her, she suddenly started to notice him. When Jackie told Marco the jacket was getting between them, Marco, who had been in love with Jackie for so long did nothing and just accepted that they should break up, that kind of love Marco had for Jackie doesn't disappear so suddenly. This ship could have been well done and satisfying if the writers didn't rush it, they ended up shipping him off to Mewni to go after Star, who didn't ask for him to come, and leaving Jackie and his family behind, making him seem like a selfish jerk.

Author — @finch8028


I don't think star and Marco being romantically involved is a good idea to which I'm pretty sure the show itself agrees considering the Sinister undertones every time the subject is addressed. Let's not forget their interest in each other began due to weird creepy demon Magic and whenever the subject is addressed it's always to highlight their worst traits. Star's impulsive and vindictive Tendencies and Marco's selfish habits. I have a feeling the show is going to be exploring these ideas further and I certainly don't think this is the last we've seen of Jackie.

Author — @Brandon_Powell


The cape resembled on how much he missed star as in early er in the episode he couldn’t stop talking about star and mewni. So Jackie dumped him and told him to go back
Cause he just couldn’t stop talking about Star.
Anyway this did give an open area to STARCO.

Author — @deaddrift9015


I hate how Jarco was built up for nearly two whole seasons for it to be so underwhelming while Tomstar essentially came from nowhere but it is fleshed out for an entire season.

Author — @jarrickhillery8664


gurl the cape was a metaphor for Star. They weren't talking about a cape they were talking about him being obsessed with Star.

Author — @steffi1833