Coupling and Uncoupling Tutorial

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Coupling and Uncoupling Tutorial 5

Step by step instruction on how to do a coupling and uncoupling on a tractor trailer. Presented by J-Tech's Lead Instructor Mr. Ricks.

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Now he is what I call a great instructor!!!!

Author — GETREAL!


this guy does a great descriptive job!

Author — Ran Babs


watched while sitting at the dmv and PASSED!

Author — Reenie Anderson


I'm from Oregon, I watched all the videos of Jtech .. engine compartment, back of the truck, trailer , in cab and guess what ..? I passed my test 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 thank you so much for the videos, today was my first day at my new job and also my birthday 🎉 thank you again

Author — Felix Ruiz


Hit you in the mouth and damage your the video but the way he said that was so funny 😂 😂

Author — Marcus Cole


"Follow this truck for a new career."
I followed it...straight to a strip club.

Author — The Egg


Real knowledge and professional demonstration, I learned from this video more than reading the CDL manual book. Thanks a lot.

Author — Mohamed Sadik محمد


All that getting up and down out the truck, Truckers should look like Ironman runners.

Author — 910 Trucker


Landing gear needs to move up to 21st century and be powered !

Author — gower2352


Dude this helped me pass my combination test

Author — Stephanie Boman


The best think I liked is removing the key away from the cab.

Author — Poniah Thasan


definitely the best tutorial on youtube helped me pass my combination test

Author — ExtraOrdinary MUSIC


If someone else has coupled a trailer make sure you double check everything.... Personal experience.

Author — The Wednesday Dude


(LAP: Landing gear, Air, Pin) to disconnect the trailer.
(PAL: Pin, Air, Landing year) to connect the trailer.
Just as you explained in this video 👍

Author — 7RUCK3R 71M


The best tutorial video for trailer drivers

Author — Rogelio Dela Cruz


It’s crazy because this guy trained me 3 years ago

Author — LOS Tv


Even in Russia we watch your videos! Thanks very much!

Author — VideoBelarus


Hit you in the mouth and damage your teeth god dam

Author — Derrick mullings


Not sure what we would all do, looking for help with things we do not know ..  I have nothing to say" But thank you so very much for your time in making this very helpful Video, , regardless of what others are saying. Cheers!! positive mind positive outcome

Author — Elroy Jelinek


Thank you so much for this very professional and thorough demonstration.

Author — Darlene Young