How China Is Changing Your Internet | The New York Times

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How China Is Changing Your Internet | The New York Times 4.5
In China, a sheltered internet has given rise to a new breed of app, and American companies are taking notice. What was once known as the land of cheap rip-offs may now offer a glimpse at the future.

With companies like Alibaba, WeChat, and Tencent US companies have taken notice to a new generation of Chinese technology companies.


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How China Is Changing Your Internet | The New York Times

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yea, like Google doesn't know which restaurant I went, which airplane ticket I purchased, what website I visited and what porn I watched AT ALL.

Автор — Pug A


People in the western world are so naive. You really think your privacy is protected? In this age there is no privacy once you get online or use a smart phone. The difference is that the Chinese government is doing it openly while the NSA (of the USA) is doing it "secretly"!

Автор — SunDevil527


Google, Microsoft & Apple collects all this information as well. To better "advertise" to us and "help improve our experiences".

Автор — cyb3r tooth


0:38 U put Japanese characters on Chinese internet. Well done.

Автор — 张乐扬


I've lived in Shanghai for 10 years, and yeah, Wechat is a game changer. It's only really become what it is now in the last two years. You can pretty much do everything, and I mean everything, from it. I have friends who basically haven't used cash, debit or a credit card in months to pay for things. Everything is done through Wechat on their phone. It's cool and kind of weird at the same time.

Автор — matterofact


Somebody please tell the new york times about the nsa and edward snowden.

Автор — AlanUy212


USA also has a long list of human rights violations...
let's be fair.

Автор — Mathias M


WeChat's business model is impressive and the more data they've the more secure they're for future changes.

And taunting China for privacy is hilarious, especially when a company based in USA makes that jokes.

According to NYT, the data with Chinese government isn't safe but the data collected from companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, etc. is safe in the hands of USA government?

Автор — Asad Khan


Do you know that in China, CCTV are every where, but we feel safe instead of scared. I lost my bike and got it back in three days by checking video clues.

Автор — Elijah Hua


I don't think the USA has anything to teach China about human rights, what a joke.

Автор — Gilles Milaire


Western world cannot see anything good in China.

Автор — Xiaosong Rong


He says China copies western apps in the intro ie being bad guys but ends with saying western companies are replicating Chinese apps like wechat ie being innovative. Laughable.

Автор — hk8638


Legend says that The man with the big vacuum still is on the app

Автор — Superuanted Gaming


@5:26 "Laying the groundwork for Orwellian world, where governments and companies can track every communication and movement you make."

This video was done after the Snowden leaks right? Lol. That Orwellian world is already here, and USAs gov along with 5 eyes are already doing mass persistent surveillance. Just the AI needs to be developed to make good use of this "big data" world we currently live in.

Chinese society seems to be going full speed ahead with adoption of online lifestyle, while we here in the west pretend we're not spied upon by our own or other govs(ie USA spies on everyone), and we don't even get any of the awesome benefits of living in a big data, always online world. We only get the negatives while our gov and businesses use it against us, the common man.

Seems like China's government is smarter and more caring for the common man than corporate west, who's gov only chases after money and individual wealth/success. That's why China is number 1, they are more united and embrace socialism. They are aiming to eradicate poverty by 2020, and I believe they will achieve their goal. Of not 2020, 2025, 2030 max. That is going to be another world first, having already lifted 730 million out of poverty in the last 40 years.

Автор — ex0duzz


Us govt. is as innocent as a child. They don’t gather any data. Freedom is power. Lol. Bunch of hypocrites

Автор — Md. Tazbir Ur Rahman Bhuiyan


LMAO, and after Cambridge Analytica??

Автор — Ye P


No difference between China and US.
Both sell story 'A' but execute plan 'B'.
On what basis US government can claim it never interfered in tech companies? CIA/FBI/etc all use data from US tech companies.
Since most of the times their target live within US, it won't make big news headline. If their targets are outside US, then government manages to silence media.
In Chinese case, they have all most all targets outside China. And they don't have control over US media/tech companies to silence and hence big news headline.
Practically what US does is same as what China does.

Автор — ನೆಲ್ಸನ್ Nelson


lol china stalks ppl as if usa doesn't

Автор — gotentk4


When western companies filter your news through algorithms and know all your information - freedom and democracy. When China ban them - evil communists.

Автор — O


Seems like American media is way more informed of Chinese politics, but not its own issues. They seemed to never heard of whistle blower or Edward Snowden. Sad life.

Автор — Lay Kim Luu