How China Is Changing Your Internet | The New York Times

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How China Is Changing Your Internet | The New York Times 4.5
In China, a sheltered internet has given rise to a new breed of app, and American companies are taking notice. What was once known as the land of cheap rip-offs may now offer a glimpse at the future.

With companies like Alibaba, WeChat, and Tencent US companies have taken notice to a new generation of Chinese technology companies.


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How China Is Changing Your Internet | The New York Times

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They always talk about the 'evil chinese government" as if america hasn't prosecuted people unjustly - how about all the whistleblowers who have ALREADY been terrorized?

Автор — RequiemFor America


People in the western world are so naive. You really think your privacy is protected? In this age there is no privacy once you get online or use a smart phone. The difference is that the Chinese government is doing it openly while the NSA (of the USA) is doing it "secretly"!

Автор — SunDevil527


I don't think the USA has anything to teach China about human rights, what a joke.

Автор — Gilles Milaire


0:38 U put Japanese characters on Chinese internet. Well done.

Автор — 张乐扬


yea, like Google doesn't know which restaurant I went, which airplane ticket I purchased, what website I visited and what porn I watched AT ALL.

Автор — Pug A


Google, Microsoft & Apple collects all this information as well. To better "advertise" to us and "help improve our experiences".

Автор — cyb3r tooth


WeChat's business model is impressive and the more data they've the more secure they're for future changes.

And taunting China for privacy is hilarious, especially when a company based in USA makes that jokes.

According to NYT, the data with Chinese government isn't safe but the data collected from companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, etc. is safe in the hands of USA government?

Автор — Asad Khan


Do you know that in China, CCTV are every where, but we feel safe instead of scared. I lost my bike and got it back in three days by checking video clues.

Автор — Elijah Hua


Somebody please tell the new york times about the nsa and edward snowden.

Автор — AlanUy212


Western world cannot see anything good in China.

Автор — Xiaosong Rong


Us govt. is as innocent as a child. They don’t gather any data. Freedom is power. Lol. Bunch of hypocrites

Автор — Md. Tazbir Ur Rahman Bhuiyan


The fact is the western world is copying china

Автор — Thelonious Lin


USA also has a long list of human rights violations...
let's be fair.

Автор — Mathias M


Western media, jealous, bias and copy from China now.

Автор — lightwindy


Apparently the old style cold war propaganda is still very much alive in the US, the propaganda machine wont miss a single change to portrait China as Soviet style behind the iron curtain human-rights violator whose secret police wearing long overcoats with collars standing to hide their faces would follow their citizens day and night.

The face is western societies are way more over regulated than China, being a Chinese citizen, one never worries about the government reading his WeChat messages and being bothered by the government, only if this person is participating some radical anti-government movement, or doing illegal deals like arranging a drug deal, would this person be concerned.

Does it has anything to do with political correctness, that any report about China must insert a paragraph to remind the readers about human-rights or communism? Is there a political correctness editor? or the reporters do that all by themselves ?

It's really sickening.

Автор — Video Out of China


the great fire wall protects china from western liberal propaganda lol

Автор — Andrew Koh


I've lived in Shanghai for 10 years, and yeah, Wechat is a game changer. It's only really become what it is now in the last two years. You can pretty much do everything, and I mean everything, from it. I have friends who basically haven't used cash, debit or a credit card in months to pay for things. Everything is done through Wechat on their phone. It's cool and kind of weird at the same time.

Автор — matterofact


I think companies try to do that since ever. Its not a trend. But they fail because they can't do that well enough. Some barely can do their purpose right. Many good ideas being killed because the app doesn't work (visit Google Play). The big question is how Wechat manage to do that. How they manage to keep growing while the competition didn't catch up? I mean, if you are a very good messenger and you are trying to get into Uber-like business you will probably fail, because Uber already exists. Wechat probably get into all those business where competition were bad at the time and now, of course, hardly someone will be able to reproduce that level of success.

Google tries hard and fail miserably even owning ours phones operational system, which should be a huge leverage (Google pay, plus, allo, etc etc etc so many). You can name here Samsung (S Voice, Bixby, Chat, Pay) and many others.

Does the chinese government finance the app? Is Wechat government company? There is some key to the story that you didn't reveal. Some ingredient, back into the past, that allow them to reach what every single company tries hard and fail.

Probably lack of government interference (at some degree) or lack of public pressure to stop some "new" invasive feature? I explain myself. Google was collecting SSID with street view cars. That allows them to do a lot of stuff, such as pinpoint your location even when GPS is off. Shut down by government or public pressure. Many street views shot are blurred (entire front houses in Germany - a feature Google had to made available for germans "fill out this form if you want to blur your home") making the feature almost useless in Germany. Street view photos now allow the computer to know where is a store front or a house, making Google maps have the unique and most curious feature: show in yellowish/orange commercial zones. So simple and unintrusive that most ppl didn't even notice that data is there. And its accurate to the level of each building. Gmail early issues with computer reading emails. Google books huge ambition and the fairly sad results, and many other examples.

Does chinese companies have these problems? Or citizens are so used to that level of invasion they just don't care, leaving companies free to innovate as fast and risk-free as possible?

Or perhaps Google weird culture to re-do things from scratch rather than improve step by step like companies used to do in the old times. (Google talk > google chat > hangouts > allo). Or Orkut > Google plus. While simple products that slowly grown into a big one, still here (Gmail, Chrome, Android). - For instance Chrome was supposed to be your desktop OS, your browser and replace android. Google won't risk doing that, but that was the plan.

Wechat probably have teams that work on the same feature and obey "upstairs" orders to the letter. While Google needs to accommodate a career plan to its employees to avoid demotivation and accommodate fast growth. While asians are used to stay in the same level for years.

And in some degree Google reached something similar. While you "leave the app" you never leave Android, and you can see in Google Dashboard they have every single word you told your assistant and every single time you opened an app, which time, how many times, etc. Google is focusing on being under the app not the app. You can use an app to call a cab, but you will use Waymo car. You can use an app to make a payment, but google knows when, how much and where. I guess western world doesn't accept monopolies as well as the eastern world. They love buying a TV and a car from Mitsubishi, or a bread (I'm not joking) and a car from Tata, or a boat or a car from Hyundai. Non-specialized companies are not seen with good eyes here.

Автор — Douglas


0:38 Those are Japanese characters, not Chinese.

Автор — Fish


China Government make Chinese people rich and live better, western world only want to rob us just like what
your forefathers do and Trump is doing.

Автор — yakumo y