The Story Behind Gerda The Cheetah

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This is the story about Gerda the Cheetah, who is part of the Messi The Puma family.

The Alexander and Maria Dmitriev wanted to adopt a Cheetah, but this was not easy, they searched all over Russia, but could not find one, after awhile, anyone who was connected with big cats knew about the couples search for one.
Just when they ready to give up looking, the Sochi Zoo in Russia, approached the couple, looking to sell a healthy 7 year old female cheetah, which they could no longer afford to keep, but the price tag was above all expectations.

For 2 weeks they tormented over the decision, until Alexsandr decided to fly to the zoo to see the cheetah in person to help decide.

She turned out to be a very affectionate big cat, she allowed Aleksandr to do an examination of her, and during that time she purred and licked his hands, and he fell in love instantly.

After seeing her in person, that was it, from that moment on it was all about how can they raise the money.

The couple put up part of their property for sale and borrowed some money from a friend, but finally they had enough.

Soon after, Gerda arrived at her new home, and the cat immediately felt at home and the couple felt the same.

Gerda may have a fierce appearance of a wild animal, but just like Messi, is loved and has become part of the family.

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💬 Comments

This story took awhile to put together and edit, but I am really happy how it came out. what do you think?

Author — Wonder World


Gerda is constantly purring. A sign of contentment, trust, joy and security. She is finally in a place she can call home .🐆

Author — Iris B


I'm really glad Ichel was able to experience care for the first time, even if she was struggling to accept it after a lifetime in the circus. What especially impressed me was how they tried to adapt their ways to help her, such as realising why she lashed out - she was almost blind and couldn't see until things were close which startled her. Sasha realised that and they started wearing brightly coloured overalls so she could see them sooner. This type of thing shows their attention to detail in the care of their cats.

Author — ChrisAndCats


Gerda is such a mommy's girl and Messi is a daddy's boy. It's perfect. Both large cats are very much loved and adored.

Author — Teah Martinsaw


Очень приятно, что о Месси и Герде знают уже не только в России, но и далеко за ее пределами. Спасибо огромное Саше и Маше за заботу и бесконечную любовь к своим любимцам. Всем здоровья и удачи в благих делах!

Author — Elena Morozova


Gerda not only purs, but she also rolls on the ground, presenting her soft, very vulnerable belly to the world. If these are not signs of total trust in her masters, then nothing is!

Author — FR- TigerFangs70


It's amazing how Messi, despite being an originally wild feline, is so affectionate and behaves like any other cat. Only those who have cats know that all this affection is only achieved with a treatment full of affection. Congratulations! 🥰🇧🇷

Author — Ana Martins


Gorgeous and such great kind hearted family to live life to make these babies happy.

Author — Mel


I was always curious about the story behind this Russian couple and Messi. I recently began to see Gerda too and wondered how they found themselves with big cats. Naturally as Messi is not a normal puma, I assumed rescue. This video explained it all. Great video - watching from the UK

Author — Nickel roof


This couple makes me so happy. I’m not usually supportive of wild animals in captivity, but how they take care of and love these big cats is just beautiful and amazing. What a life- for the cats and the humans! So much love. Thank you for sharing your love and experience with these beautiful cats with us💕

Author — Sunny


The couple don't own Messi and Gerda for selfish reasons. They own them to give them a better life and most definitely have succeeded in doing just that.

Author — Neil Hamill


Gerda is just beyond graceful, almost seems to float as she jumps up on the porch. Beautiful cats, both of them.

Author — After Glow


I actually never realized how small Messi was until Gerda came. I could totally understand why they decided to take him home. He will never survived in the wild. I'm so happy watching these two happy with Shasha and Masha. RIP Ichel. I'm glad she finally felt love too...

Author — ハイタッチ


Bonito amor que o casal tem pelos dois animais, que Deus abençoe a todos!!!



I have followed the story with Messi since the beginning. No one in the world but Sasha could sleep with a Puma and wake up to morning kisses and snuggles. Their bond as well as Masha's relationship with Gerda is incredible.

Author — Heather Warner


this kind of interaction is truly amazing. 2 big cats from 2 different species meeting and becoming family is only possible with the love and care shown to them by this couple. Remarkable.

Author — InjusticeVideos


What a heartening story! The world seems so cruel at times. I just love to watch this wonderful couple so unselfishly caring for these cats.

Author — Green Road


This couple is so amazingly loving to these beautiful cats……it makes me cry. If only the world of humans could be that loving to other animals and other humans, what a wonderful world it could be. These two people are so unselfish and merciful to these big beautiful cats. These cats know they are loved without conditions and beyond this physical world.

Author — Angelina Nobile


Thank You so much for taking me on this trip about the acquisition of Gerda. I knew they had another Cheeta before Gerda but never knew what had happened to the first one other than she’d passed away.This was a beautiful story and you put it out wonderfully.Well done Wonder World.

Author — Elizabeth Janeda


Emoção, é o que esse vídeo passa. Eu amo a Gerda e Messi, família abençoada ❤️💋🇧🇷

Author — Andreia Brito