No Edits! Harlem Globetrotters in One Take 2018 | Harlem Globetrotters

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

Our new Fan Powered World Tour is officially underway! Here's a little taste of what you'll see when we come to your town. This video was done in one continuous camera shot with no editing!

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These guys never fail to amaze and make me smile, seen them a few time as a kid, I've got 2 basketballs (Harlem Globetrotter balls) signed by multiple generations of Globetrotters. Proud to be a fan of such a diverse awesome group of talented athletes both men and women alike!

Author — Christopher Gallardo


It really do seem like they’re genuinely having fun and it makes me happy every time I see them perform.

Author — LiminalB1rds


I didn’t realize how large the globetrotters actually are. So many people! Also im incredibly impressed with the coordination behind the scenes. Doing a one consistant shot scene right takes so many people behind the camera as well and those jobs are just impressive, so the take looks and flows right the whole way through.

Author — CelticShadow


The Harlem Globetrotters never fail to amaze me. I remember a while ago to see them perform, it was awesome!

Author — CruzingRound


I never realized how good this team is. Keep it up guys

Author — knox_lol


Made me feel like a kid again lol. This show is still amazing all these years later!

Author — GeeZ Ohio


I am so amazed with all of this!Harlem globetrotters are such a talented team!!!! It's amazing!

Author — Erin Kricher


I remember going to see them when I was 4 and fell in love with basketball. Everyone should see them play.

Author — Matthew Schwartz


Love when stuff's done in one take, these guys are professionals.

Author — Dylan Jones


I love seeing them perform it's next level what they do. They have grown a lot since last I've seen them lol

Author — Stephon Inman


These guys are the best! They were the first professional basketball game my Dad took me to at The Forum and they instilled a lifelong love of the FUN and CREATIVITY of basketball. Much ❤️❤️❤️



Just went to the show in France, Strasbourg . Wow ! what a performance :-) Amazing ! No one should miss that ! Thank you for such a pleasure :-)

Author — Jean-Bernard YATA


Tons of talent! They just give off good feelings to everyone! A national treasure!

Author — Castle Archon


Hit it if Harlem Globetrotters we a part of your childhood!! I saw them over 25 years ago and they were amazing. So happy to see them continue to display their showmanship and talent.

Author — johnnyguitar2929


Man these guys are awesome saw them yesterday in Calgary it was amazing! (I was the pregame dance show with pulse) these guys are there to have fun to to win and I love that awesome work guys!!!! I’m definitely gonna gat tickets next year!

Author — liam agard


Man I remember a couple years back 5 or 6 of them came to our school and showed off their skills. They then played against our team. It was amazing.

Author — Fire Beast112


An American legend. These guys have never been anything, but amazing!!!!

Author — Batz VonLegendary


I saw the HGT as a kid back in the 70's and still remember the antics. Long live the Harlem Globetrotters!

Author — Dave Cooke


I want an NBA team with these guys and find out if they win the playoffs

Author — I'm 70


These guys are Hope to see and meet u guys one day😁

Author — Curren Pardoe