Day in the Life of a Veterinarian

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In this video, you will see what its like to be a Veterinarian by following Dr. Niccole Bruno around where she shows viewers what a typical day for her is, why she chose the field, and tips for the aspiring Vets.

3:55 What is a Veterinarian?
4:55 What do your days consist of?
5:32 What does it take to become a Veterinarian?
6:30 What further education is required after vet school?
9:05 Did you always know you wanted to become a Veterinarian?
9:35 What is your stance on euthanasia?
10:40 What did you do to make yourself more competitive for veterinarian school?
12:00 How difficult is it matriculate into Vet school?
14:03 How much do Veterinarians make?
15:45 What are some downsides of being a Veterinarian?
17:24 How can you be reached?

You can connect with her at:
Companion Animal Hospital
18450 Kuykendahl
Spring, TX 77379

Instagram: @NiccoleVereen
Instagram: @CompanionAnimalHospitalSpring
Facebook: @Niccole Bruno Vereen

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Where all my future vets atttt🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣❤❤❤

Author — Clive Ferguson


So glad to see a beautiful woman of color as a veterinarian, very rare to see!!! Please leave your social media links, I would love to follow you

Author — Amejo


I’m looking forward to becoming a veterinarian in a few years. Thanks for uploading this!

Author — N2


Wow a black veterinarian so cool!!! Representation truly matters

Author — HollyWoodStar2000


I am 13 and I want to become a veterinarian assistant I still need to learn A LOT I kinda know how hard it is but I still want to help and care for animals

Author — SophieWonder_V


I'm in 12 grade right now, soon when I get graduated I'll go to collage to study and become a Vetenarian. ✨🌸

Author — Alanis Arts


I’ve been wanting to do one of these myself for a while. This is quality 👏👏

Author — Adnan A


Im so glad to see a women of color as a veterinarian I am doing my undergrad right now and I can’t wait for Vet school. You are what I hope to be someday.❤️

Author — Tiousha Rufus


Love this!! Pets are an important part of many families. It takes a special soul to sacrifice so much to practice medicine on animals! I would venture to say their job is just as important as an MD

Author — Scam Assassin


Thanks for this! I’m applying to vet school next year after finishing my masters.

Author — Keia S


Informative and well produced! Great job! - your friendly neighborhood psychiatrist

Author — Dr. Mitnaul - Child and Adult Psychiatrist


Can you do day in the life of a physician assistant preferably an orthopedic (PA)? That is my dream job right now please and thank you for your time.

Author — Jose’s Academy


I’m so scared I’m 19 and supposed to be 100% of what I want to do, I can’t decide between veterinarian or a nurse

Author — Rubi Camacho


This is a serious question, what do you guys do if there's a fire and you are doing a surgery?

Author — Tanner Harmon


I got so excited when Dr. Bruno said that she attended Tuskegee University as an undergraduate because that's where I currently attend! I'm so glad to see a poc that has attended TU. Representation really matters!

Author — Chyna G.


This was so helpful, you don't even understand. I wanted to become a vet as young as 11- 12, I would spend days watch Ranchvet (another youtube channel) and as a child, I only really watched the animal plant and national geographic channel, I was so convinced that I was going to be a vet of some sort. But freshman year of high school I started losing my vision, and became very sad because life happens; I still wanted to do it but I felt, I couldn't. Now I'm in senior year, kind of "scrambling" to figure my plans as of college out. Each college I look at I make sure to look to see if they have Veterinarian studies, but I still feel that "I don't think I can do" in me. This video (believe it or not) gave me hope. Thank you for sharing your story, and I hope you are well!

Author — iAMNiYA


Great vid doc! Didn’t know there were so few veterinary schools, or how competitive it is to get in.

Have you considered doing stand- alone videos where you discuss extreme spine surgery cases? They do not necessarily have to be ones you’ve participated in. I have seen some, and they may be graphic, but they yield drastic results. Maybe 1 procedure per video; covering some anatomy, symptoms, differentials, images, alternative treatments etc, and how spine surgery corrects the error. Would be interesting to see, thank you!

Author — itsducdaniel


Very Interesting👍🏾 This vídeo gave me an excellent insight to the day to day procedures of a veterinarian.

Author — LV7095 LV


I’m so excited to become a vet! It’s been my dream job since I was little and I’m graduating high school in the next year :)) thank you for showing us this ! 💕

Author — Isry Goat


Cant wait to become a veterinarian, it’s one of my dream jobs. But I’m not sure if I’ll get in but I’ll try. :)

Author — Masked Singer