Top 5 Volcano Eruptions Caught on Camera

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Top 5 Volcano Eruptions Caught on Camera 4.5
Volcanoes have helped shape our planet. They provide life, but also can take life away. Here's our list of the top five volcanic eruptions caught on camera.

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(Other Attributions: Discovery Network, Storyful, Photovolcanica, Smithsonian, National Archives and Records Administration, USGS)

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Some of those volcano names were tricky to pronounce! Please let me know what you guys think about the music. Would you prefer to have no music / less music / music but lower in volume, in these videos? Let me know!

Автор — Top Fives


0:46 magma is when the lava is inside the earth, it's called lava when it comes out of earth

Автор — BluMac


0:17 my butt after holding up poop for straight 3hours

Автор — TTD: Time To Draw


0:47 it's called magma when it's in the volcano and lava when it comes out. These two words aren't actually interchangeable. (I know not that important pls don't yell at me I just wanted to point that out)

Автор — Pancake


What, nothing about Mt Pinatubo in 1991? The biggest eruption of the 20th century was captured on film aplenty. How could they have missed THAT one?

Автор — David Schmidt


3:11 to 3:17 that is not costa rica. that looks like beijing pollution.

Автор — Lennis López


I am Costa Rican and I need to tell you that most of the footage that you used to talk about Turrialba Volcano is wrong. That's not our Turrialba.

Автор — Soween


That is not the volcano Turrialba and the shots do not correspond to Costa Rica

Автор — Eduardo Ureña


Nr 3 wasn't Kuchinoerabujima that was Mt. Ontake

Автор — Caeric


this is how it is when men get older. they shoot dust

Автор — bmw789


In the second 51 you can se an ufo or something in the middle of explosion

Автор — GoMaxPro


where is mt. pinatubo? it dropped global temperature by 1 degree farenheit.

Автор — Czar Hans Jericho Nachor


@ 2:22 it's Sakurajima volcano from Japan, not Turrialba from Costa Rica

Автор — Doru Vranceanu


Im form Costa Rica and None of the Turrialba's videos are real they are not from the tturrialba just maybe the one that is recorded from water but im not sure

Автор — DerDraak


Nice video and glad you put St Helens in 1.

Автор — Talia In A Box


"Luckily, most of the magma fell into the ocean." You realize there's more stuff living in the ocean than land right 😁

Автор — Jacob Authier


I live about an hour from Mt. St. Helens

Автор — Mouthy Mama


The video is fake...there isn't any lake or a water column near turrialba volcanoe -_-

Автор — zeus03 Weekly Destiny Videos


Any volcano that has people climbing around it regularly should have emergency safety shacks where people can evade the ash.

Автор — John Arizona


Are you on quaaludes? Sure sounds like it.

Автор — Paleo Man