Jim Cramer on GM's EV Hummer: 'You're not going to catch Elon'

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Jim Cramer on GM's EV Hummer: 'You're not going to catch Elon' 4.5

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People then: iPhone is trash. Who want a touch screen?? And yes iPhone used to be the ‘1%’
People Now: Come on, EVs only accounts for 1% of the market. Right right...

Author — Dat Le


In 15 years, we'll look back at this video and see how comical it seems that some thought that EV's will not take over a majority of the transportation market.

Author — necraduq


“What percentage of vehicles on the road are EVs?” “Like 3%?” Everyone laughs.

Now let’s travel back in time to 2006 before the iPhone was announced. Same question, “what percentage of mobile phones are smart phones?” Since the only options were BlackBerry and Palm i’m guessing it was well under 3%.

By 2011 Pew research did the first survey and found smart phones made up 35% of all mobile devices.

At the beginning of 2019 it was 81%!

I think of early Tesla’s (the roadster) as the Blackberries and Palms. Cool but with lots of compromises. The 3 and Y are the first generations of the iPhone. The Cyber Truck will be the iPhone 3G and the $25K Tesla car will be the iPhone 4. The nail in the coffin when MOST people start looking at Tesla as their next purchase option.

EVs are coming and coming fast. Most will be made by Tesla.

Author — Dylan Garrison


I love how Jim Cramer warns the GM people to cover their ears🤣Truth hurts!

Author — Vanliferunner


So GM comes out with an $120, 000 electric truck and the affordable model comes out in 4 years at $80, 000 and Tesla is in trouble 😂. LOVE IT.

Author — Jerome Davis


Elon does not want to destroy competition, he wants the competition to stop destroying the planet.

Author — Hiking Lang



Author — TREND_VFY


Lmaooo the cheap version is coming out 2025-2026 .... by then tesla will destroy the ev market. I welcome competition but this isnt even close ....

Author — alexguy96


David and Jim are the best combo. Love those guys!

Author — Brian Louderback


Musk has explicitly said he does NOT want to destroy the competition.

Author — Lee Smith


They just don't get it.. Some people just can't grasp change regardless of their elite education..

Author — Silas


The hummer EV is 4 years out, over priced and already beat on performance. Imagine how bad it will be beat in 4 years. The EV Hummer is like gold chains and the old rapper clocks around the necks. This is an opulence truck and wealth symbol. Its a bomb.

Author — Blutgang


I want the hummer EV and the cool removable roof, crab walk, small turning radius, Apple Carplay, 16 inches ground

clearance, 100 miles in 10 minutes charge. Tesla's fugly!

Author — mrpmj00


These guys don't understand. Majority of people under 30 want an EV for their next car. They are saving up the 40k to buy it.

Author — BuySellHold Finance


Lmao that burn, "what % of the market is ev" 1%.
That was so funny, but Cramer is right. Lot of upside and this is the first year we see the tables turn.

Author — Raylen Fa'ield


This is interesting, though never been a Hummer fan I am intrigued to find out what GM's monster convertible SUV/truck looks like

Author — John F


Elon doesn't want to destroy competition, he wants to embarrass and make you submit until you join his mindset. Brilliant

Author — stoor79


I don't want EV and Im young! I can't tow...

Author — Joe


"He's just one step ahead of the pose"

Author — samson narokobi


the ev hummer looked fantastic, then I saw its 112k$ price tag and a I was like .... thats the cost of a house ....

Author — Karl Dailey