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Fleeing ISIS With A Bullet In Your Neck | Foreign Correspondent 4.5

Thousands of people have been caught up in a brutal new ISIS battleground in the Philippines, on Australia’s doorstep. One of them was ABC correspondent Adam Harvey, who took a bullet to the neck. This is his story, and theirs.

Suddenly, somehow, a country loses an entire city. ISIS militants swarm through Marawi, in the Philippines island of Mindanao, all but emptying it of more than 200,000 people.

For Harvey, this story is personal. There’s the hurried patch-up by brave medical staff as a gun battle rages metres away; the dash to safety; the delicate surgery to remove a deeply embedded M16 bullet; and the emotional reunion with family.

For Foreign Correspondent, he now gives the full account of his own dramatic escape alongside producer Geoff Thompson and cameraman Phil Hemingway, and of the plight of the thousands fleeing ISIS in Marawi.

Marawi’s fall stunned Philippine authorities and neighbouring countries. So how did it happen? Harvey traces how rival groups of extremist secessionists teamed under the ISIS banner and the spell of two charismatic local brothers. Their planning and execution were meticulous.

The fear now is that Marawi may become a beacon for extremists, like Syria and Iraq, where fighters are blooded to spread terror abroad.

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Did anyone notice those brave policemen "who refuse to abandoned the Christian construction workers " Respect..

Author — jkjkjk jk



Author — Baron Tang


This why we from mindanao supports the new Terrorism bill act and we don't care about people in manila who are dumb protesting like they are affected.

Author — angelo pandan


This brainless people protesting like they been at the frontlines lol

Author — Vladimir Putin


At the end...leaders of this attack namely isnilon hapilon and Omar maute seeing their brain spill out of their head was a picture perfect view.

Author — John Rey Bernabe


This all started when policemen escorted by military went to arrest methamphetamine producer in the City. The arresting group were ambushed and killed by the people they want to arrest. This ISIS they say produces and distributes methamphetamine across the nation.

Author — armando how


ABC correspondent said (despite) FYI the Philippine military finish the ISIS/ABU within 6 months while fighting in the middle east still going on for years even with U.S presence .

Author — Etnad Ayasiv


That round must of loss it’s speed. You are a lucky man

Author — Subscribe for free damp pickles


some activists are headaches.

"End Martial Law in Mindanao." It is written in the PH Cons. that the state could be under martial law if war happens and if it causes great damages.

"No to US troops." US and PH are allies for a long time. Their contribution is much needed during the war.

Author — cole clamor


Jesus..hes huge compared to the locals....he shudnt be there hes like a Giant target

Author — Donovan Steadman


Normal Filipino trait, to get even as long as he is able. That is the attitude of injured soldiers. They become uneasy and very impatient to go back to the battlefront as soon as possible and make their enemies pay.

Author — Joseph Velasco


much respect to the two muslim police officers who didn’t care about the men’s religion and risked their lives to save the christian men.

Author — gorgon


14:52 ale, wag mo hilingin kay Duterte ang problema, sa terorista mo hilingin kasi hindi naman siya ung naggugulo.. Ewan ko lang kung papakinggan ka ng mga unggoy nayun

Author — Goldabloone


3:18 "ngano man?" = "why?" Not "no more."

Author — Dina Lang


Amazing how calm the hospital staff was when you could hear the gunshots right at the door. Wow

Author — ryan49805


All my respect for reporters who do there job and show the world how it's really out there!

Author — Reno van Zanten


hundreds of terrorists, and nobody reported to the government. you can literally say that the inhabitants of marawi covered up or just got scared by the terrorists.

Author — Genesis Mencias


3:20 she cried "why? !" not "no more"

Author — Anthony John Tupac


The country is been attacked and they protest in front of the the president office...Nice, send all protesters to the battle zone..



Dang that guy has a M1 Garand, I am sure the museum wants its weapon back. It's a great weapon just not a large round capacity. What is really strange is the call centers were still working.

Author — Why Me