Virtual event studio with interactive live audience

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Virtual event studio with interactive live audience 5

Corporate eventing is about interacting with your audience. On stage, but also in the hallways and corridors, all managed from our ready-to-use studio near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Real Live Audience Response!
The presence of a live audience simulates the feeling and experience of offline events at online events for all participants.

Lively interaction between the audience and presenter or multiple remote keynote speakers are simply arranged in our Virtual Event Studio.

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Sent an inquiry email and have not heard back. Can you look into it please?

Author — Ray Tuimauga


hi, what softwares are used to create all this virtual event setup?

Author — Adam Hariz


How do you handle several questions at the same time? Is someone getting muted or are they just naturally figuring it out themselves?

Author — Philipp Becker


Can anyone share your credentials ? I'm in India

Author — Briha P


Is your solution appropriate for entertainment such as live comedy?

Author — Matt Taylor