60-MINUTE SPECIAL #3 | Cirque du Soleil | Alegría, Kooza, KÀ

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60-MINUTE SPECIAL #3 | Cirque du Soleil | Alegría, Kooza, KÀ 5

#StayHome #WithMe

Here’s another surprise for our amazing fans: we have the next spectacular special for you while we’re all #TogetherAtHome this week featuring Alegria, KOOZA and KÀ! Tune in Friday April 10 at 3pm ET. #OnlyYou

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To whomever is responsible for this treat, my family and I feel grateful. We have always wanted to see this out of this world show but never had the opportunity. Your generosity is well appreciated and we can't wait to see the show this evening. You are an amazing group of talented artists who make the mind and soul cheer with joy and excitement adding beauty to our lives in times we need it most. May God protect you all and bless you.

Author — Harriz2005


Barış Özcan’dan gelenler Salon Dolu ! Yerimizi alalım

Author — Haşterenya Lanta


Barış Özcan dan sonra gelenler burda mı? ?

Author — Reyhan


I enjoyed every moment of this even though the little slip ups stressed me out to the max. Thanks for your generosity cirque! I've been dying to go to one of your shows for ages and I'm so happy you gave me the opportunity to see one. Hopefully after this virus ends I'll be able to see one live. stay safe <3

Author — Dee Nursing


La profe: abran el libro en la página 50
Yo abriendo directamente el libro en la página 50*
Yo automáticamente: 2:40

Author — Benja lol :D


The guy that messed up is my absolute hero. I could not imagine having to regroup my thoughts while balancing on a wire. Such a valuable lesson to anyone at any level whether you perform or are an athlete - you will have bad days. And that bad day might happen to be at the worst time possible but the show goes on and you keep going!

Author — Skankhunt 42


I have seen Kooza live twice now. The 'Wheel Of Death' is still one of the most heart racing things I have ever seen. It is known in my household as 'the two mad blokes act'. Thank you to Cirque for continuing to bring us moments like this.

Author — John Berry


Them: let's do the impossible
Me: can't do a pushup

Author — Taylor Kim


it's so nice to see all these comments in different languages... goes to show that cirque du soleil is a special part of many different cultures

Author — Augusta Martins


60 minutes of joy, color for your eyes and amazing music for your ears....

Author — Jose A. Castillo


Please stay alive! Cirque du Soleil you are the quitescence of humanity!



When I saw alegria, I was pretty close to the front, and the fire juggler (I honestly don’t know what you’d call him, he was amazing.) we made eye contact and he smiled at me ☺️

Author — The life of JoJoRocks


really artistic this unique show in whole world, i love, merci cirgue du soleil, verdaderamente artistico, presentación unica en todo el mundo, gracias circo del sol

Author — Sergio Alcayaga



Author — Надежда Фомина


This is the icing on the cake for me: today is my 63rd birthday and this morning I got my birthday card from Cirque as I get for many years and now I get this show! I am a huge fan of Cirque especially Alegria and I think you did a great job of reviving this show! Thank you Cirque du Soleil for this wonderful present!

Author — Marcel Huguenin


Unstoppable, winner eternal - Cirque du Soleil... The best gift I've had ever... my 7 year old daughter was silent and immobile for exactly 1 hour an one minute ... thank you kind people.

Author — Neil Anthony


It would be amazing to see that full recording of Kà (or even an updated HD recording), at least until it can perform live again when it is safe. Regardless, I love these 60 minute videos; they keep the Cirque Magic alive in me during these dark times. ❤️🎪

Author — EmeraldBear


Insane! I am very sorry for your situation, I hope I would have a chance to see your show with bare eyes

Author — Burak Aksoy


33:09 this clapping dude is my spirit animal lmao

Author — ert yuiop


I am a painter and as a child going to these shows was my favourite thing in the world. Something about all of the colourful costumes, the magical music and of all of these talented performers just blew my little mind! I now paint oil portraits of characters inspired by fairytales, dressed in ruffles and jewels, each filled with their own stories. I think these performances were really what sparked that whimsical creative side in me and have worked their way into my pieces without me even noticing! It's such a treat to see these wonderful shows again, it's getting me excited to pick up the paint brushes!! Thank you for uploading these beauties!

Author — Samara Turner