I Trained Like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider For 45 Days

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I never thought I could gain THIS much muscle in only 45 days! Subscribe for more epic challenges!

In this video I’m going to train like Alicia Vikander aka Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and see what kind of a physical transformation I can achieve in 45 days.

Growing up and to this day, I loved the Tomb Raider movies and games. More than just a badass fictional character, Lara Croft represents the smart, strong, and adventurous women who explore the world independently against all odds.

While traveling to every country in the world by the age of 21, and often off the beaten path as a solo female traveler, I developed a love for history, culture and raw adventure. Turns out Lara Croft and I have a lot in common and that has not gone unnoticed by you guys [tons of comments appear on the screen).

If you’ve seen the most recent film in the Tomb Raider franchise, you know how absolutely shredded Alicia Vikander became for her role as Lara Croft. She gained over 12 pounds of muscle in just 3 months working with celebrity Hollywood trainer and nutritionist Magnus Lygdback.

After learning more about the brutal training routine that Alicia went through to become the Tomb Raider, I knew I had found the perfect challenge to push my limits.

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You look a lot like the character, you really pull of the outfit.

Author — Mateo Orlaineta


Hardest part of having a body like that is maintaining it, which takes a huge toll mentally if you’re not up for it beyond achieving your initial goals.

Author — sugreev2001


Lexie: "The hardest part was...eating"

Me: :(

Author — David Schmidt


“Only five more sets🥵” I felt this in my soul 😂😂 when I’m doing an intense workout my favorite words are curse words 😂😂

Author — Caraline McElhaney


Can we just admire how beautiful Lexie's body was already 👏 you did an amazing job keep it up .

Author — ema case


This was such a fantastic video. Felt like watching an engaging tv episode. Amazing!

Author — Rebecca Elliott


You look more like Lara Croft than the actual actress portraying her.

Author — Lucas Militão


So cool! He seems so kind and down to earth. I am glad you asked him, good for you girl!

Author — Jillian RH


I've always wanted to be lara croft myself! Lol, it's great to see others who are into history and artifacts as much as I am, you rock!

Author — Joy Dasko


Damn Lexie, your filmmaking skills have really improved! Awesome video, really engaging story telling!

Author — Explore2TheMax


"For some seconds I was elevated out of my body..." Damn, sounds like death to me!

Author — Yago Molano


That’s probably one of the best sponsored bits I’ve seen ngl

Author — Smokes


I'm not even into body transformation videos but yours was so good 💪🏼

Author — Luis Duarte


Can you tell us what your workout split was and routine examples?

Author — lizrohaidy


Wow! You're amazing!

I'm sure the celebrity training included Anavar and Clenbuterol. Something that won't be spoken aloud

Author — Hollis Prince


This was the best sponsored ad I’ve seen on a video - super creative and fun! Well done Lexie!

Author — Natventurer


What a delightfully humble young lady she is! Mind you she seemed extremely healthy prior to the challenge anyway! 😊👍

Author — Shairs Ko


Lexie you are the real life Lara Croft. And I can bet you'd even kick someone's ass if you had to! 🤠

Author — Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water


and i m here watching this while i enjoy my regular food😂

Author — Mr Z


This is honestly so inspiring I have tears in my eyes. Especially since I’m a huge Lara Croft fan. Keep up the great work!

Author — The Rock