Pacem A Song of Peace Lyrics - Andy Beck and Brian Fisher

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Yes I deleted the last one because it had 2 spelling mistakes and a missing word. Sorry about that! Its all fixed!

I did not make this music, credits to the creator and the producer.
By Andy Beck and Brian Fisher.

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I'm singing this for a performance! I got the solo!

Author — milkyquaves


I’m singing this in choir and I’m trying out for the solo (if we decide to do it lol) so thx a ton for setting this up I really appreciate it!!!

Author — けるしー


i sang this when i was in 6th grade, I'm in 11th now. man, nostalgia.

Author — kira


I’m singing this for a performance at my school for Remembrance Day. Wish me luck tomorrow!🥳🌈🌈

Author — Hunain Ali


I sing this in caerau primary school I’m darcy

Author — Kian Humphreys