John Oliver: The Don Jr. Scandal Is Something (If Something Means Anything)

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John Oliver: The Don Jr. Scandal Is Something (If Something Means Anything) 5

'Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver believes the son of the President's emails are definitely something, but questions if something means anything to anyone anymore.

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Just noticed for the first time that John Oliver had a 1st cavalry division pin. Upon a little research, I found out that his wife was a combat medic within the division, for which he shows admiration and support by wearing that pin - for anyone who, like me, didn't know this and was curious.

Author — hassi44


John Oliver is the living embodiment of class, crudeness, intelligence and dorkiness all at once and I love it so much!

Author — DragonTycoon


It's not that Trump and family are stupid, it's that they have lived a life of such privilege that they have never had to face or understand "consequences". They just have no concept of the word.

Author — Derek Capitaine


I want a Jon Oliver and Stephen Colbert buddy cop comedy.

Author — wagonburner5000


"You know what his lawyer needs? A lawyer" This is turning into the meeseeks episode from rick and morty

Author — Adam W


"His lawyer needs a lawyer"
Yeah, now Cohen has a lawyer
When jokes get more accurate overtime.

Author — Kristopher Mamer


I love that John still wears the First Cav pin on his left lapel in honor of his wife.

Author — Jack B


Really, *really* digging John Oliver's entry music. That jazzy rendition of Chopin's Nocturne.
I need the full version. I need it now.

Author — Sammy Wang


Are we gonna ignore the Chopin nocturne arranged for sax and piano?

Author — Quentin Neroes


I see "john oli.."
Me click..

Author — Night Fury


1:56 "As long as the dragons are fine everything's okay at HBO."

Oh oh. No one tell John that one of them is now dead.

Author — Michael Gibb


"It's February, we'r in Moscow, your going to have to try harder then that"

Author — PJ Anderson


It's kind of sad when I can look at the title of this video and wonder which scandal they are referring to.

Author — EnvyDragon


I guess you could say HBO has a...Draconian economy?

Author — Gwyneth/Peter Ochsner


i always felt like john oliver was a british nerd clone of stephen colbert that Jon Stewart cloned in a lab backstage at the Daily Show

Author — Govind Krishnan


Thank the Lord for John O., Stephen C., Trevor N., Samantha B., Bill M. and Jon Stewart. Keep up the good

Author — Sky Dog


Stupid watergate was an accurate description at the time. What is scary is, it is becoming more and more accurate...

Author — Jason Blade


Chopin Nocturne op. 9 no. 2 for his intro, on the sax. nice.

Author — Henri van der Waard


The American government has never looked so much like a Mexican government (corruption, sheer idiocy, and shamelessness), which is funny, considering how much this president hates Mexico, but there is a physical explanation: like charges repel.

Author — Sergio de Regules


The GOP is trying to turn the US into a gangster-capitalist state like Russia where the oligarchs control everything, the state does nothing to protect the average citizen, and reporters and dissidents can be silenced. This is why the Treason Train needs to be derailed.

Author — TLR