UH-1 Huey | Behind the Wings

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UH-1 Huey | Behind the Wings 5
UH-1 Huey | Behind the Wings

The UH-1 Huey is one of the most iconic military aircraft in history and was symbolic of the "Helicopter War" in Vietnam. Join curator Matthew Burchette as he highlights one of the latest editions to the Wings' collection and speaks with the Huey pilots that saved "Sweet Sioux" from becoming target practice. You'll even get a tutorial on how to fly this incredible aircraft and explore the weapons systems that made this helo unique.

Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum:


Host, Curator:
Matthew Burchette

Creator, Producer:
Ben Theune

Camera, Editor:
Scott Hennelly



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Hey guys, thanks for all the corrections on the speed of the turbine vs. rotor. What I should of said is the "turbine" spins at 6600rpm. The "rotor" spins at 324rpm. - MB

Author — Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum


Unknown Combat Instructor: "The only time you can have too much fuel or is when you're on

Author — Karl Brundage


At 1:48, did that guy trip getting out of the left side of the chopper?

Author — Matthew F Smith


When are you guys gonna go give the Tomcat some love?

Author — Anon Boi


6, 600 RPM for the Main Rotor Blade RPM? No, not even close. Maybe the power plant was spinning at 6, 600 RPM. The main rotor blades would fly apart at 6, 600 RPM. Main rotor blades would rotate at between 315 and 330 RPM.

USMC 6173 2008-2013

Author — George Miranda1983


Was door gunner on uh1b in first cav in 1967 we had a box on the floor with about 2000 rounds m60 on bungee cord the aircraft I flew on 049 is now restored and flying with American huey 049 in indiana

Author — chuck cuttress


Col. Bill McPherson and Lt. Col. Ken Overturf you guys are the strength of America in wartime; highest reguards to you both sirs!

Author — Shift2Movies


Sorry for the shit you boys got when you got back, we never forget and always remember, thank you Sir

Author — kendo411


They called the assembly on the top of the main rotor the "Jesus nut". The reason being that if it ever came off in flight due to damage or malfunction, whoever was onboard was going to meet Jesus.

Author — Blaine Edwards


The Huey is easily my favourite helicopter of all time. I recommend reading "Chickenhawk" for anyone interested in the Huey and its pilots during the Vietnam War.

Author — General Ripper


Who wouldn't love to sit down with those two pilots over a beer and listen to their stories?!

Author — Diemerstein


"Loaded for Bear"....
Actually, the Huey was loaded for Charlie!

Author — MesquiteBelt


I like the Huey, I love it. It holds a special place in my heart, but the Blackhawk will always hold the key to my heart. I must admit, the Huey has such a soothing rotor sound lol

Author — Valerie Карреон


Please keep uploading videos.. love your video's. I hope someday i visit this museum...Love from India

Author — RC WIZARD 008


Huey by far the most iconic and recognizable American helicopter.

Author — Alex Buss


1:48 so we ain’t gonna talk about how my man fell

Author — Omarion Knox


I had one land in my front yard as a kid in the 70s. Still burnt into my mind.

Author — Andrew Ball


Thanks for the memories. I was born and raised in mid 60s in south western Vietnam and my father and uncles served the south Vietnam government . Missed the chop chop sounds from these choppers whenever they flew over our school. One of my uncle was Huey maintenance crew in Tan son nhat air base in 70s. He got 2nd degrees burns during the Vietnam war.

Author — Dee Cee


Thank you for sharing your opportunity to interview these Vietnam Veterans.

Author — Levi M


1:46 guy who jumped out of the left side was KIA when boots touched the dirt.

Author — Aidan Acebo