TILTED TOWERS will be *DESTROYED* by a METEOR in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

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Fortnite Battle: Royale - A METEOR is going to *DESTROY* Tilted Towers... Seriously! :O
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TILTED TOWERS is going to be *DESTROYED* by a METEOR... (Seriously)! Watch this to find out why, when + how... ☄️

Would you be HAPPY or SAD if Tilted was destroyed? 🏫

Author — Ali-A


Do the Deadpool Challenge! Requirements are:

-To look like him, wear the Red Knight Skin and use the Gumdrop Glider and the Instigator Harvesting Tool (must have twitch prime if you do not have twitch prime use Spectral Axe)

-Deadpool is agile, so your last kill must be done using a launch pad

-Deadpool is neither a hero or a villain but works for both sides and kills anybody he is hired to kill, you must be aggressive and have at least 10 kills

-Deadpool has a powerful healing factor that he gained when he was a test subject for the Weapon X Program, so you must use at least one Chug Jug during your game

- The 2016 film starring Ryan Reynolds takes place in the city, so you must land in Tilted Towers

-Deadpool carries 2 Pistols, so one of your 10 or more kills has to be using a Pistol

Hope you consider doing the Deadpool challenge! If you like this idea please like so this catches his eye so he can see!

Author — Carson Kinder


This is actually phenomenal. It reminds me of Ready Player One, lol, with all the Easter Egg connecting. Its super cool.

Author — Ian Channel Studios - Personal


Oh yeah Ali. When you missed that legendary scar, that really messed me up. Ruined my whole day. Half ur eyesights ok tho

Author — George Hornby


Alia thank you for these amazing vids. I seem addicted to watch one when ever you publish it.

Author — Rock Star05


The John Wick Challenge:
1. Must wear Reaper outfit
2. Silenced weapons and desert eagle only
3. Must get at least 3 bush kills
4. Land at tilted towers
5. Must win
Like so Ali-A can see this!

Author — Matthew Black


I honestly feel like a detective after watching this video even though I had no input in finding any of this stuff out😂😂👊🔥

Author — Alyssa H


Dude this was like the best video ever haha. Loved it.

Author — MASTR Productions


If they take away tilted towers they need to replace it with something just as good

Author — Susan Sirois


15:54 Save our SHIP, SOS was made for ships when Morse code was still prominent in means of communication.

Author — Kasen Holt


I hope after it gets destroyed, next season you can unlock a wallpaper of tilted towers so you can remember 😢

Author — LaVar Ball


I found a hint blitz mode means run sniper shotout means fast high explosives means nuclear and that’s what happens with metior and raven is a radyaded god that is weak from metior pretty cool 🎮

Author — ok boomer


Who comes back and thinks that he gave epic the idea to destroy tilted with a giant rock?

Author — Gaminization


Oh god I thought that it getting destroyed was an April fools joke
Tilted towers is one of my favourite places

Author — Norman Price 88


Ali, There is a painting up stairs (and to the left) of the blue house right next to the tree house in pleasant park and the painting contains a large rock from the sky heading towards 2 tall towers. the rock being the meteor and the 2 towers being Tilted Towers. try to find this painting and show it in your next video. Like this so that ali sees this.

Author — Week3nd


Yesss, I felt the vibrations! It was so random I was like “nothing happened why is it vibrating?” I was climbing a mountain when all of a sudden there was a short vibration. Then later on in the mach there was a really long vibration, again for no reason

Author — Michael Thaddeus


Do A Halo Challenge 1 Halo Guy 2 Landing Glider 3 Land At Tilted Towers 4 Only Grey Blue And Purple Wepons 5 Get A Kill With THE Sawmill Pickaxe

Author — TastfulTheOneEri


That was the worst April fools joke I've ever seen in my life

Achievement unlocked??👐

Author — Gluten Tag


To me the meteor doesn't look like it's going for tilted. I've been to the telescopes in several different areas and it's pointing towards moisty mire

Author — J3D1-R3X


Superman Challenge:
-You can figure out how to look like him.
-Laser Eyes: 3 Kills with a semi-auto sniper rifle.
-Flying: Jump off 3 Different launch pads (maybe even get some cheeky kills)
-Indestructible: NO Shield allowed, Superman doesn't need it.
-Extreme Strength: You can only destroy other people's bases with pickaxe, no gun/rpg/grenades.
-Victory Royale!

Author — Willy