Conversations at Home with THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER

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A Q&A with Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Carl Lumbly, Emily VanCamp and Wyatt Russell of THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER. Moderated by Jacqueline Coley, Rotten Tomatoes.

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💬 Comments

She called Anthony "Sam" right at the beginning!! LOL.

Author — fudgethestuffeddog


Sebastain is doing all these interviews with his tommy lee hair and soul patch 😭

Author — Ghalia Swiss


I love seeing Sebastian happy and laughing. Everyone was so interesting in this conversation. I love Wyatt's beard!

Author — lehcaraz1


Falcon and The Winter Soldier was a great show I believe more so than WandaVision. Please don't get me wrong. Wandavision was truly a show about trauma and acceptance. Falcon and The Winter Soldier is a show about Legacy, Responsibility and Accountability. Steve Rogers was the soldier the world needed. John Walker is the soldier America Wanted. Sam is the soldier the world needs post blip. Heavy is the burden of who wield the Shield.

Author — Stanville Brown


34:50 The smile on Sebastian's face after Anthony's speech shows how these guys are friends in real life more than anything they can say.

Author — adam cimand


Damn anthony... everything he says in this interview is intelligent and intuitive. Such a wonderful man. Love you, Mackie.

Author — Jack Saad


Anthony "you know" Mackie and Sebastian "you know" Stan <3

Author — E Jets


This is probably one of the better zoom interviews I've seen with a marvel cast. The interviewer was prepared, had great questions, and didn't let things drag in between questions. Loved this

Author — Patrice Woods


Sebastian looks lighter free and loose when he's with TFATWS cast, much better than he was on the other panel with Lizzie Paul and Tom, he was so quiet and cringing like he wanted to disappear!!!

Author — Susi Kuchiki


I think it's time to say the show is now: CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE WHITE WOLF

Author — Sara DS Esposito


I love how the interviewer asked the usual questions but with a unique take on them. It really let the actors have interesting answers. Idk, sometimes it seems like they get tired of answering things the same way every time. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to them regardless, but kudos to her, and to the whole cast and crew of this amazing show!!! It’s me of the best out there!!!

Author — Chelsea Gunther


They finally got Carl in one of these interviews. Good deal. For me, his performance was incredible... cut to the bone.

Author — BourneFreeATL


I was looking forward to hearing from Zemo a.k.a. Daniel Brühl. It's like having a WandaVision without Kathryn Hahn's Agatha.

Author — Ernie


The interviewer is amazing!! I love how genuinely interested she is in the actor's answers to her great questions and how knowledgeable she is on the series and mcu. So fun to watch.

Author — Mimi V


The fact that no one said that the funniest scene was the therapy scene with sam and bucky was disappointing

Author — Jhenna Drummond


What an incredible performance Carl Lumbly gave!!! He stole every scene he was in...even though Mackie is such a gud actor, all I saw was Carl. I just couldn't stop my tears, Carl deserves an award for portraying Bradley.

Author — Vyasa sss


Anthony texting Sebastian and See trying not to laugh at 12.32

Author — Shiny PrettyWant


Emily Vancamp is a talented actress. Can't wait for Marvel to use her more.

Author — Alan Fern


I feel so bad for Emily, she seems like the sweetest person and “fans” always give her a hard time.

Author — Giada C.


Excellent interview. Been waiting for Carl's take on the show & the more Stackie the better. Emily & Wyatt's views were so humble even after the CRAZY FANATICS came after them. PLEASE know most fans DO NOT ACT LIKE THEM

Author — Selima Alston