We had Flying Aircraft Carriers. What Happened?

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In the first half of the 20th century we had flying aircraft carriers, and they were airships. So what happened?

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this video was worth the wait it is a great video

Author — Alex halo


The two Sailors falling made me feel so bad. Imagine being the one to make it, watching two of your friends fall. Scary stuff.

Author — Jacob Sappington


Whoever was able to say "I served on a flying aircraft carrier." is the coolest person ever.

Author — DJ Programer


I'd like to see a universe where these were a success and more widely used. Imagine how much bigger air warfare would have been throughout history. Not that it hasn't been big, but with flying aircraft carriers the war for the skies could have changed the outcomes of so many conflicts.

Author — superllamaking


Seeing the sailors falling and freaking out made my fucking heart stop... Poor bastards

Author — Pinko Vega


Actually, flying aircraft carriers, or "motherships" as they were actually called were still in use during the Cold War, although, instead of a dirigible, you'd have a big plane carrying one or two smaller fighters. This entire process was made obsolete however, because now we have in air refuelling. Meaning the only advantage the flying carrier would have is for in air repairs, but if you're on land, you're almost never far enough from either an air field or a field to land in to justify these things.

Author — Jake Tyler


Sheesh, that dude who Kamikazes his plane into that zeppelin had some serious balls of steel.

talk about critical damage he took it out single handily.

There’s just something about zeppelins that i love. It’s an incredible man made creation and feat.

Author — Nicholas G


the two sailors falling is very chilling and sad

Author — Mason Cheezum


I really think that the Treaty of Versailles had more to do with killing Zeppelins than the Hindenburg. Think about it. They were required to dismantle the hangars and a whole bunch of stuff as well.

WWII then did the same, as the Nazis ordered the scrapping of LZ-127 and LZ-130.

Author — Bad Beard Bill


Holy carp, so much Crimson Skies nostalgia. I never knew this was even possible, let alone that it happened. I just wrote that off as swashbuckling sci-fi. There really needs to be more done with that franchise. RIP Fasa.

Author — frobie54


There are still about 4-5 Zeppelin's that are currently in use here in Germany. They are used to carry people who want to "take a ride", short distances, and departures from Friedrichshafen, Deutschland. From the ground, they looks to be in a preety good state, and are flying every sunny day

Author — Casian Merce


Excellent video-I am a big fan of interwar aviation, and impressed with the information here! While both the Akron and Macon are lost, we still have one the Macon's Sparrowhawks preserved in the Smithsonian.

Author — Sebastian Marconi


now this is what I want in my recommended

Author — jurj


The footage that you have playing while your talking is great, i didnt even know their was footage of this kind of stuff

Author — Kyle Gross


Flying aircraft carriers might be viable again in the age of drones. In the Ace Combat 7 demo they showed off a fictional plane called the Arsenal Bird that can carry 80 small drones. Something like this could conceivably be built in real life.

Author — awdrifter3


It would make a lot more sense in the modern theater. We went from light planes to heavy planes, but we've come full circle with small drones. A blimp could make a good launching base for operations where you weren't expecting real AA threats. (Best in non-combat missions, search and rescue, but also stuff where the blimp could be near a front in but not quite in range.)

Author — nacoran


Would love to see those big ships in the sky again!!!

Author — mikeboy0001


Very good episode, I wish you made pt. 2 with how it looked like from the inside.

Author — Patrick Sputnick


I wouldn't mind seeing blimps, airships, zeppelins or whatever you wish to call them making a comeback; they'd take some weight off my ears (it sounds like jumbo jets are circling my house all the damn time).

Author — William Norton


2:02 "they scared the living daylights out of the British" - anyone who has heard the phrase "Kirov reporting!" knows how they felt

Author — Raphaël Ambrosius 'fingerguns' Costeau