Footage From Sullivan's Island, SC and Southport, NC As Hurricane Florence Approaches | LIVE | TIME

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Footage From Sullivan's Island, SC and Southport, NC As Hurricane Florence Approaches | LIVE | TIME 3.5
Footage from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Sullivan's Island as Hurricane Florence approaches the east coast. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center warn that Florence remains deadly.

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Footage From Myrtle Beach, SC and Sullivan's Island As Hurricane Florence Approaches | LIVE | TIME

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2:55:22 me waiting for my inevitable death

Author — MANA


It's not THAT the wind is blowing, it's WHAT the wind is blowing. It doesn't matter how many push ups you did that morning, if you get hit with a Volvo.

Author — Fuji Hakayito


All the people on the beach better get to stepping.

Author — Cherish Ireland


I like how they are just sitting there like *"Oh theres a hurricane?"*

Author — Jager Nuts


No wonder why people die. Oh yeah LACK OF COMMON SENSE.

Author — Tania Blancarte


Those are some dumb people. Not trying to be rude but there is a hurricane coming and they are just watching the waves, talking, and having fun. WHAT ARE YOU DOING !? RUN!!

Author — 1o1 •


What a lovely day at the beach

*hurricane comes in

Author — Johnny Singh


They're all having a fun day at the beach

Author — Carri's 3RingCircus


it was 5 hours ago....if they are still out there then thats bad. and its s carolina. not N. Carolina...

Author — Karen Cottrell


Four hours of literally nothing, just people having fun on the beach...

Author — AwesomeVidz


Why are they risking their lives to stay I don't get it

Author — Deezy_ M


Lets see if they’re still having fun tomorrow...

Author — Nick


You should apply flex tape to remain completely dry

Author — SUPER Spicy Memes


Everyone is like: "Just chilling in cedar rapids!"

Author — domolords


Now: Oh it's not bad everything's fine it's all fine yes sir it's fine!

Later: GET. ME. OUT. OF.

Author — Derpadork


That’s what we humans do. We temp faith. But I’m sure they will hightail out of there soon.

Author — Bizbabo


these people that you see hopefully will be "natural selection?

Author — A M


looks like just another day on the beach from here‼️

Author — simon snake owner


So... who’s watching this while in North Carolina?

Author — Midnight Vampire


I’m the kid poking his head out at the beginning lol

Author — Ghost Jones