Star Trek New Voyages, 4x08, Kitumba, Subtitles

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Episode: 4x08
Title: "Kitumba"
Length: 1:05:33
Release date: January 1, 2014
Stardate: 2623.3
Writers: Patty Wright from an original story concept by John Meredyth Lucas
Special Effects: Tobias Richter

"Kitumba" depicts the Enterprise on a suicide mission to the heart of the Klingon Empire. Pulled in every direction by warlords and people that have their own agenda, the Kitumba suddenly finds himself confronting his very enemy: Captain James Kirk and the Enterprise. The choices he makes will resonate through the galaxy for years to come.

The extended-length episode will not only explore Klingon society and show us the home planet, but will bridge the gap between the TOS Klingon Empire and Klingon Empire we saw in the feature films.

"Kitumba" includes a cast of 36 with 59 extras - sporting ridges as well as TOS Klingon makeup. Introducing Kario Periera Bailey as the Kitumba, special surprise guest stars for the episode include Gil Gerard and Andrew Probert.

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A brilliant job of sticking to Gene's story, guys! Impressive acting and sets! Well done to everyone involved! Thanks so much! As I've been a Star Trek fan since 1965! 😊

Author — Bill Devitt


I loved this. I also really loved Star Trek Continues. Nice to see people who love Star Trek as much or more than I do continue it, especially when it is better than CBS and Bad Robot can. Shameful how they have effectively crippled fan productions. Why don't they just hire you guys .. and gals and start making good Trek again.

Author — Brian Reeves


Lots of dramatic action, plot driven storyline and K’argh is played so very well.

Author — Luis Zuluaga


This episode was one of the finest Star Trek episodes ever! Not just a great fan film. I consider both Star Trek New Voyages and Star Trek Continues the cream of the crop of fan films, and both are excellent additions to TOS.

Author — Darryl Gonzalez


I have to say none of the Star Trek franchises are done badly, some are better than others. I say this because I am not going to say the ordinary people can do better than the 'professionals' when it comes to Star Trek, however, this is easily just as good as the best Star Trek has to offer. Thank you

Author — Remey Rune


Mr. Cawley: An excellent production from every angle. I must say this is one of the most exciting and epic chapter I have ever seen within the Phase II saga, and even better than some TOS tv shows. High definition delivers new details and brilliant new colours to all the sets and space locations, and the new aspect ratio (16:9) adds new life to them, in comparison to the old series. Special effects are also top of the art. A remarkable job indeed, perfectly done. And I loved that Corvette driving reference when you are on the bridge. This episode is simply amazing. I´m going to miss you as the captain of the Enterprise,  but I believe Vic Mignogna is about to do it great as captain as well. Will Mr. Doohan be included also in the part of Scotty? I wish you all a happy new 2014! Thanks for keeping the original series spirit always on top. Well done!     

Author — frs2112


Very belatedly, as I only "discovered" Star Trek New Voyages recently - simply Fan-tastic!!

There is much "honor" bestowed on the TOS by STNV.

This is the best Star Trek series since TOS!

Author — Eric V


It's great that the comments have not been disabled. Us true Star Trek fans can tell you that we indeed appreciate all your efforts to bring us some good stuff, thanks a bunch guys!

Author — George Loyie


Actually very well done. It's amazing what these folks actually did. I very much enjoyed this video. Thanks to all involved. !:- )

Author — Doug van der Hoop


The attention to the details on the sets, the music, the effects, the acting, and the very very clever plot transported me into the original series.

This is one of the most enjoyable episodes I've ever seen including TOS, thank you so much for this work of love, the long wait well worth it.

Author — Aaack Aardvark


I have watched this fan series from the beginning and have been entertained and impressed from a general fan perspective until now. Speaking as a critic, this episode 'Kitimba' has literally blew my socks off, from a directorial, storyline and acting viewpoint, and is one of the greatest offerings in Star Trek fan films on par with the spirit of TOS itself. Wsll done!

Author — MR.AlphaMenDo-NOT-SimpPERIOD


Yet another outstanding episode!!  EVERY BIT as good in plot and excitement as the original series.  BRAVO you guys...  May you have the chance to make many many more.  ...While the "new" trek is nice, it's lost something that THIS crew hasn't's original soul.  This is the Trek I grew up on.

Author — Ike Smith


Another great episode, excellent work. Gil Gerard and Andrew Probert as guests, fabulous !

Author — Diogo Catalano


Even the sound effects the music the doors the buzzers the lights you guys recreated everything so perfectly what an excellent way to show respect to the original series absolutely awesome

Author — Gerry Maloney


Guys, I have no words to describe the thrill to watch these episodes of ST Phase II. Only now in 2019 I noticed about them. The actors accomplish same level of Shatner, Nimoy and DKelley. Simply amazing. James Cawley is fantastic!!  I do wish you to be rewarded for this great effort to bring us so wonderful memories of our life.

Author — josiasnf floriano


I love and appreciate all the hard work they have done to bring us these excellent shows..

Author — supercrew63


One of my favorite episodes of Star Trek - TOS. And yes by that I do mean I consider this Star Trek TOS cannon. Along with the the rest of the episodes of this series. As well as the episodes of Star Trek Continues also!!

Author — Freedoms Torch


Production values and acting have improved a great deal. Looking forward to new "Kirk" (who resembles Shatner) and episode in February. Great job for cast and crew. I'm so happy you've stuck to the 1960's/Roddenberry look to the set and production while updating special effects. Fantastic!

Author — cinemabon


Wow! This is quite possibly the best fan production I've ever seen. All the things that normally fall short on fan films (writing, acting, directing, editing) were top notch here. This is engaging from start to finish and I only wish that this could be included as part of official canon, since the tale adds a great deal of depth top Klingon culture and could fit in flawlessly with what we've been shown in TNG and ENT. As James Cawley's final entry playing Kirk, this is a fabulous way to say goodbye.

Author — Matt Bell


Impressive!! The animation and the sound design stand out particularly for me. Good job everyone.

Author — Stephen Dunne