B.S.A Thunderbolt A65 Restoration & Modification by CRAIG GEBAUER

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B.S.A Thunderbolt A65 Restoration & Modification by CRAIG GEBAUER 5
B.S.A "REST-O-MOD" Performance Modifications & Restoration of a B.S.A Thunderbolt A65, by - Craig Gebauer

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One of the best-looking engines ever made. And sounding. Heckuva job you did here.

Author — R C Nelson


That swivel shot from around your head is so cool

Author — Lars A G


really nice job front end looks harley! but still looks clean & lean love it. round of applause top job 👍👌

Author — pimmy56


swapping the head for duo carb great job and great music too thanks for sharing your video

Author — pablo gallardo


Nice work! I love that old school look but with the hi-tech bells and whistles. I can even live with the speedo. Good job guys!

Author — Frank Kemble


Most importantly. Who is the artist performing the cover music; "house of the rising sun" originally by the Animals. This is probably the best version I have ever heard, please help.Now to the restoration, brilliant, fantastic, excellent. There are not enough words to describe the excellent work done here, and what a fantastic end result, and great sound. All credit to BSA and the restoration team, thanks guys for keeping the brand alive....

Author — Mdurham Default18


That ain't no Thunderbolt. I know- I have one and it's got only 1 carb. What you have there is a LIghtning, unless you stuck a Lightning head on a T-Bolt motor. I you did, then did you also change the cams? If not then adding a second carb isn't going to do much good. Otherwise, it's a beautiful bike. Where did you ever get that gorgeous gas tank? And those forks! They're massive!

Author — alexander kasady


Correct Alexander, I did change the Single carb thunderbolt head to a lightning head,
I also changed the cam to a mild cam with 9.5 compression pistons and I had some porting done as well, I got the gas tank from Mat at speed and sport In Northern California a great place for all kinds of vintage parts, and the front end I made from Suzuki GSX R 1000 fork tubes and a one off triple clamp that my father-in-law made. I really wasn't trying to go for something period Correct with this build, it was more about Building something fun to ride.

Author — Craig Gebauer


The bike was so bad, it killed the company.

Author — Jeff Gibson