Exploring Haunted Abandoned Military Hospital (WARNING)

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Exploring Haunted Abandoned Military Hospital (WARNING) 5

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We went to explore the UK's final ever military hospital. Founded in 1753 and with many reports of paranormal activity, this was set up to be a very very strange evening.
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this was fun. we should do it again sometime....

Author — Elliot Crawford


How can you take half this stuff seriously when you have joe weller in it like 😂😂

Author — Kiara Clark


Anyone else here in 2018? Hoping they are going to bring some more of these videos out soon... ❤️

Author — Katrina 2002


I love it when the phone rings in the haunted videos

Author — Bad Harry


For everyone saying it’s fake: he wouldn’t go around place to place just for it to be fake. And he makes jokes about it bc he has a sense of humor:)

Author — timmy thick hoes


If u r reading this u have got scared and have come to distract ur self don’t worry I’m here too 😂

Author — Bee


wish me luck i'm going in full screen...

Author — tHeoVerAteDgiRl


‘Do not do this at home’ yea, like I have an abondoned military hospital in my house

Author — Aesthetically. Pleasing bitch


When they started singing titanic i was trying not to laugh

Author — Andrew


I got way too excited when I heard pirates of the Caribbean music

Author — Sophie Blunt


0:41 someone legit steps out from behind a statue in the graveyard with a hood on

Author — Amerigo Z


5:51 omg I'm dieing I kinda ship it know

Author — Scar Lynn


1:00 the mewo sound sounded more like a chair being scraped along the floor

Author — That_kid_Emma 69


Do the abandoned football stadium next, it's called "Etihad Stadium" in Manchester

Author — Dylan 182


Me: theres a barricade, oh well thats a shame
Joe: lets go through it

Author — ishyyy


*enters haunted building*
Everyone: silent
Joe and crew: *HOLLOW?*

Author — ChillS1lent


I find it funny that at 3:42 everyone is so scared then you just hear joe go 'hi'

Author — Holly & Erins slime Holly & Erin


Aldershot Military Hospital next! ( Like so he sees, rated at one of the most scary abbandoned places in the world)

Author — Rockkieran7


3:42 pahahahah ahah the way Joe says hi creases me up every damn time 😂😂😴

Author — Emily Sophia


Cop: Breaking and entering you shouldn’t be
Joe: we were just taking photos of the building
Cop: are u videoing
Joe: yeh, for YouTube
Cop: how many subs you got?

Joe: erm, 4 and a half million
Cop: 😯😯😯😯😯

Author — Jarvo 2006