H2 Ninja vs Hayabusa - motorcycles drag racing

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H2 Ninja vs Hayabusa - motorcycles drag racing 4.5
Kawasaki Ninja H2 takes on turbo 250 hp Suzuki Hayabusa. Two of the fastest motorbikes drag racing.Acceleration and top speed of Hayabusa and H2 Ninja Kawasaki

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H2 Rider:
Wheelie Skills - 9/10
Drag Racing Skills - 2/10

Author — WhizzBang


I think the h2 driver body is full with hellium

Author — RH Shroud


Would be fair if the H2 had an extended swingarm like the Busa has.

Author — Scott Bowman


Next video: Lamborghini Huracan Vs Toyota Prius

Author — DyNa


H2 rider is noob.

said by people who never drag a H2.

Author — URF Auto


H2 doesn't have the swingarm/extended backwheel - that's why it is like what it is.

Author — sina rizvi


Ставь лайк если русский! Пусть остальные переводят, думая что тут, что-то важное.

Author — Наталья Волчонок


If the ninja could keep the tires down be a better race . Crazy bikes, both amazing

Author — James Pluta


I reckon the ninja would win if he could get the power down. He needs an extended swingarm like the busa.

Author — Andy Smith


Everybody hating on the H2 Rider ... SHUT UP ... Look at the Busa. Its turbocharged and extend swing arm. For all we know it could have a anti wheelie system installed as well. Look at the bikes profiles. Hayabusa is slim and low to the ground. Its setup is drag.

The H2 looks pretty stock from my point of view. And you haters cant tell me that you could control the bikes power better then the rider, when the Wheel comes up. The rider showed no fear of the bike. He was frustrated that going full throttle raises the front ... you can see how he fights it.

But every millisecond in drag racing counts. And every blink of an eye he loosens the throttle ..the busa is still accelerating.
You cant just jump onto a bike. Rev the piss out of it and drop the clutch and just take off WITHOUT Modifying a bunch of aspects of the bike!!

I bet most of you that think you could do better then the H2 Rider .... you would be laying on the ground and the bike flipped multiple times down the track ...

Author — Chris S


Ninja rider more worried about wheelies, , get a better racer

Author — iqbal hoosen


The H2 rider is unable to control its power so the battle is not equal.

Author — Debangajyoti Saikia


H2 driver said this guy knows what his doing..brought a knife to a gun fight

Author — cyril wingnek


That busa has the swing arm that helps tremendously in drags, on the other hand, I don’t think the guy on the H2 can handle the torque 😂

Author — Blackfront 82


Fully drag modified turbo Busa vs. stock H2 with an amateur rider 🤔

Author — Evan D


when you wheelie you actually going to lose

Author — PotiaGraphy


PLOT TWIST: The H2 rider is also the owner of the Hayabusa. He just let his friend try it for a spin 😀😀😀

Author — Lance G.


Porquê eles molharam a pista?

Author — Lucas Faria Resende


Joke of the day if you think a hayabusa can outrun a

Author — Eaveszx14


Im not a biker nor do i know alot of bikers but even i can tell this just aint a fair race.

Author — Thato Mosifane