Boris Johnson insists UK will leave EU on 31 October- BBC News

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Boris Johnson insists UK will leave EU on 31 October- BBC News 4

The prime minister has told the BBC that he will follow the law, but will leave the EU at the end of October.

"I will uphold the constitution, I will obey the law, but we will come out on October the 31st" he told the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg.

A bill was passed by Parliament in early September to prevent the UK from leaving the European Union without a deal.

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I wish I could pass my exams by answering questions by not answering questions the way these politicians talk

Author — Zzzzeyd


Who gives a flying fig about what’s on Cameron’s mind?

Author — Sandy Scott


: is there a line you would not cross

: october the 31st


Author — Ada m


The BBC are supposed to be neutral this interview was so biased. It’s time to remove the license fee from this bloated corrupt organisation and rename it the Biased Broadcasting Corporation

Author — GamesKnight Media


Boris would be very unwise to show his hand while we have everyone trying to stop him.

Author — nancytolman


I love Boris! Brexit means Brexit! Leave means leave!

Author — Log Cabin Man


The BBC have a lot to answer for though, you can spot their anti Boris agenda a mile off. Everyone scoffs at him for dodging the question but if she left him 20 seconds to answer without butting in every other word, or then twisting whatever he's said for sake of argument; maybe he'd be more open.

Author — Chris Boden


It's almost sometimes hard to believe the UK existed and got anything done before the EU the way they talk about it.

Author — Ben Marley


Even the EU don’t recognise democracy! Implementing a law to stop us leaving when will people realise leave means leave, Obviously the EU needs us more than we need them 😂

Author — James Brewitt


Why on earth would Johnson reveal his game plan now - just so the anti-democratic Parliament can thwart it... what a stupid interviewer!

Author — Sailing Winifred


16 minutes speaking and absolutely zero knowledge conveyed

Author — TheShepTV


After the way he handled himself Cameron should creep away quietly and crawl under a stone. He lied directly on tv to all of us.

Author — Chris Fleming


Oh yeah
It's all coming together

Leaving EU 31st

I wonder what spooky surprise is coming ;)

Leave is gonna be delayed is my guess

Author — Ultimate _Gaming_ Universe


I've got my party poppers ready for the 31st. That's if they still work as they're 3 yesrs old now.

Author — Matt G


they have 44 days. as an outsider looking in, it really looks like this man doesn’t want any deal

Author — Collin Wing


And when is Boris leaving? I'm looking forward to that

Author — 3dmixer


Just crash the f out already. Jeezus this dragging out is giving everyone constipation.

Author — Mel Meller


"We are leaving on 31st Oct"

"Ok great. Have you guaranteed a deal then?

"We are leaving on 31st Oct"

"So you have not secured a will have to ask for that extension then as required now by law."

are leaving on 31st Oct"

Author — Jamie Baxter


Great Boris, you ate THE 1rst Minister.

Author — Karolparis


If we're not out on the 31st--- Then this lot definitely will be.

Author — Andrea