Ukraine retakes control of Slavyansk

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Ukraine retakes control of Slavyansk 1.5
Ukraine has retaken control of the eastern city of Slavyansk including police buildings seized by pro-Russian militants on Saturday.

The Ukrainian interior ministry said one state security service officer has been killed and at least five others wounded in the so-called anti-terrorist operation.

On the side of the pro-Russian separatists there have been an "unidentifiable number" of casualties, according to the ministry.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said security units from across the coun...

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In fact, more cities have been taken over by the People's Front of the South-East forces. The Junta is crumbling: its forces are switching sides or disobeying illegal orders. Ukraine's no more.

Author — spartaknumerouno


Slavic kill Slavic in the Slavic City - SLAVyansk! Who needs this?!!!

Author — Louis Armstrong


I love internet you can finally get reliable information, as far as i know eastern ukraine is firmly in the hands of prorussians and not coup troops. western media is getting more disgusting by the day, its lies lies lies and again lies

Author — rexhaj09


Hell with you Euronews for telling everything but truth!

Author — B. DAN


this is like showing a brick wall and naming the video 'wooden floor'

Author — Artyom Zakharenko


Why is there a Russian flag on the building?... this is propaganda video... western media propaganda

Author — claudio ortiz


Varför flyttar inte de som vill tillhöra Ryssland till Ryssland och låter Ukraina få vara Ukraina?

Author — 19cab73


Huh???  You've been smokin' wacky tobaccy... Didn't your daddy told you to share?

Author — olegtf


Ukraine people DONOT trust USA, UK, EURO. They don't care about your life at all.

Author — JiaBu Ye


     Fascist Russia under Putin's leadership annexed Ukrainian Crimea and isn't stopping. Under Russia's direction armed Russian extremists are attacking police stations and Ukrainian cities.  Russia broke international laws and agreements. Third stage of sanctions must be used to stop Russia. And, Fascist Russia must be expelled from UN Security Council.

Author — OM082011


Buulshit,   Slavyansk is not taken by Kiev junta. All is under Donetsk Proplr Republic.

Author — SovetUnion63


I wonder why they didn't named them not only terrorists, but also Stormtroopers. Because, you know, it's OK when you kill Stormtroopers - you are on the Light Side and all. Equally truthfully too...

Author — Imperative Games


They are russian speaking ukranians from the East of Ukraine. They struggle against the illegitimate nazi government and  military junta. Their aim is to prevent the genocide of russian speaking ukranians. Everyone, who considers them russians, can consider the americans, canadiens etc. the englishmen, as they are english speaking too.

Author — MrDeraltehase


WHAT A LOAD CRAP! Euronews is LYING without a shame. No Ukrainian troops even entered Slayansk. Keep listening to BS Kiev says and you will get far in this life. The reason why are they are some many armed protesters is because this land most where Don Cossacks lived. Traditions die hard and Cossacks will defend their land against Kiev's Junta with their life. 

Author — TheFalconx00