15 Things You Didn't Know About The Oil Industry

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15 Things You Didn't Know About The Oil Industry 4.5
15 Things You Didn't Know About The Oil Industry | Industry Wednesdays

How big is the oil industry?
How long until we run out of oil?
Which country as the most oil?
How much oil does Saudi Arabia has?
Who controls the oil?
How damaging is the oil industry to the envoirement?
Is the oil industry the cause for global warming?
Who are the biggest suppliers of oil?
How much oil is still left?
What is the best alternative for oil?
Is biofuel the way to go?
How demanding are jobs in the oil industry?
Is the oil industry paying well?
What are the benefits of the oil industry?
Who is the richest oil magnate?
Which is the biggest oil company?
Did this US attack Iraq for their oil?

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Hi Aluxers, on this episode of Industry Wednesdays we're looking at The Oil Industry!
Which industry would you like to see us cover next week?

Автор — Alux.com


Hey a small correction.. US invaded Iraq in 2003 not 2013..at 7:34

Автор — saurav kumar


How do oil companies deal with tanker spills?

Slick lawyers

Автор — Al Barleta


Rule 0 of oil
If you have oil, you need democracy

Автор — Erwin Rommel


It's not a conspiracy....they invaded Iraq for oil

Автор — Shahnid Ismail


The only thing I need to know is that the oil industry is slowly killing off our planet 👎🖕

Автор — Investing Hustler


So much disinformation in this video. Why do liberals believe that they have to lie to make their case? Perhaps if you have to make stuff up to support your argument, maybe you should really examine your own position. As for myself, I will just quietly back out, unsubscribe and move on. I'm not the type of subscriber you want. I'm too informed.

Автор — caledon66


Lesser population and renewable energy is the key

Автор — Apurv Jadhav


How come so many people are always down on oil the simple truth of the matter is if there wasn't any oil modern civilization would cease to exist I agree that using gasoline and Diesel to power vehicles probably isn't the most efficient use of the resource but you do need oil to make drugs fertilizer Plastics tires and a whole host of other things people who hate the oil industry should try living without any product of from the oil industry and I guess you'll be living like a native Indian

Автор — Jonathan Cochran


Am the next oil mogul the world will know soon

Автор — Salem Godwin


stupid video. very basic information. we are not running out of oil anytime in the next 500 yeard

Автор — Francis Onochie


The earth replenishes her own oil. Rigs that were supposed to run dry 30 year's ago are still pumping.
Oil is not a fossil fuel. The earth generates it's own oil.

GLOBAL warming is a hoax. Another way to tax the people.

The largest oil supply was found up in the Utah Montana Colorado area. Conservative estimate, over 3 TRILLION barrels. Barrack Obama immediately declared it off limits. That much oil would drive the price down.

The United States went to war with Iraq and Libya because they were coming off of the petro dollar and going to the gold standard to buy and sell oil. The BRICK nation's are now doing that also.

This video was some left wing bull Shit...propaganda.

Автор — kenny desee


I just don’t understand why we are inclined to destroying ourselves for the sake of being wealthy?

Автор — Palma Mingozzi


all conflict and "military invasions" in the middle east is due to oil.

Автор — steven uk1


$50, 000 a year or Mama$10, 000 every two weeks and that's if you work overtime in normally there's a lot of overtime. So is an average oil worker will make more than a doctor or a lawyer or any high-paying position that needs a college degree. So you can make $50, 000 under 2 months and that's not a joke. However there's a backlash to all of that because they're working non-stop think about it. You see families coming in all happy and cheerful because they're going to make some real money fast-forward a year or two later well not so much happy family. In Midland Texas you have a lot of your top executives CEOs and white collar workers while in Odessa Texas which is 20 miles away from Midland Texas you have your riggers. Now you forgot to mention the style of oil because some countries have sour oil it takes a lot more to process a lot more money to actually make it into what is considered sweet oil. It's a lot more to the oil industry that you forgot. That you did great Alox I love your videos and you're always on point. As make money ya boil has a great opportunities with great pay. Where I live we have many billionaires a hundred multi millionaires and a ton millionaires. Sometimes to have a million in your bank account is common. Rest assure if you want to start in the oil 9 out of 10 times you'll start from the bottom up

Автор — alter BOY


Russia did not meddle in our election. Libtards think that

Автор — Traditionalist


To Stay "Informed" Not "Inspired"...? :) ;)

Автор — Sohail Kazi


Will we find something to replace oil? Absolutely. Eventually, no matter what, it will run out or we will move away from it. Either way, we will do as we have always done.
We will adapt.

Same as I say to the dokmsdayers of global warming. In the end, the Earth will be fine. Humans will be affected but over all we'll survive just fine. Because, we'll adapt, as we always have.

Автор — rainynight02


“15 Things you dident know about the real state industry”

Автор — Antuanspy


Can you do a video on electricity power plants?

Автор — david brown