15 Things You Didn't Know About The Oil Industry

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15 Things You Didn't Know About The Oil Industry 4.5
15 Things You Didn't Know About The Oil Industry | Industry Wednesdays

How big is the oil industry?
How long until we run out of oil?
Which country as the most oil?
How much oil does Saudi Arabia has?
Who controls the oil?
How damaging is the oil industry to the envoirement?
Is the oil industry the cause for global warming?
Who are the biggest suppliers of oil?
How much oil is still left?
What is the best alternative for oil?
Is biofuel the way to go?
How demanding are jobs in the oil industry?
Is the oil industry paying well?
What are the benefits of the oil industry?
Who is the richest oil magnate?
Which is the biggest oil company?
Did this US attack Iraq for their oil?

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Hi Aluxers, on this episode of Industry Wednesdays we're looking at The Oil Industry!
Which industry would you like to see us cover next week?

Author — Alux.com


Hey a small correction.. US invaded Iraq in 2003 not 2013..at 7:34

Author — saurav kumar


It's not a conspiracy....they invaded Iraq for oil

Author — Shahnid Ismail


So much disinformation in this video. Why do liberals believe that they have to lie to make their case? Perhaps if you have to make stuff up to support your argument, maybe you should really examine your own position. As for myself, I will just quietly back out, unsubscribe and move on. I'm not the type of subscriber you want. I'm too informed.

Author — caledon66


How do oil companies deal with tanker spills?

Slick lawyers

Author — Al Barleta


I really like Al Gore's pretty female voice.
What a bunch of WACKO BS.

Author — Steve Haskins


Alux: 'Say "15 things you didn't know about the oil industry" as many times as you can for the first minute of the video.

Narrator: '15

Author — geoffrey hunte


Thanks for wasting my time. Politics as usual

Author — Texgal


To Stay "Informed" Not "Inspired"...? :) ;)

Author — Sohail Kazi


Can you do a video on electricity power plants?

Author — david brown


Will we find something to replace oil? Absolutely. Eventually, no matter what, it will run out or we will move away from it. Either way, we will do as we have always done.
We will adapt.

Same as I say to the dokmsdayers of global warming. In the end, the Earth will be fine. Humans will be affected but over all we'll survive just fine. Because, we'll adapt, as we always have.

Author — rainynight02


I work for an oil rig moving company in North Dakota, and is by far the best job I've ever had and without a degree

Author — Michael Carbajal


Lesser population and renewable energy is the key

Author — Apurv Jadhav


Renewable energy.
Thank god I watched this video.

Author — Mohannad Nemeh


Propaganda cattle farts are 20 times more damaging to the atmosphere then c02 ch4. Meathane. Global warming from co2. Is political science. Not fact. Get your chemistry together.

Author — Daniel Dunkelberger


Hay Alux
Please make a video on 15 things we don't know about paper industry and top 10 paper industrys the world.

Author — Rohit Patil


Alux can u make a video on Royal Enfield motorcycle company

Author — Jana K


stupid video. very basic information. we are not running out of oil anytime in the next 500 yeard

Author — Francis Onochie


“15 Things you dident know about the real state industry”

Author — Antuanspy


am starting to like industry Wednesday!!! So rich in knowledge... Thank you Alux Team :)

Author — Kgosi Thembani