The Fight for Ukraine: Last Days of the Revolution

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The Fight for Ukraine: Last Days of the Revolution 5

February 2014, Ukraine's Euromaidan revolution against the government of Viktor Yanukovych had reached another stalemate after the violence in late January. But on the 18th, massive and fatal clashes broke out between police and protesters outside the Ukrainian parliament building, the Rada.

After hours of fierce fighting, the protesters were pushed back onto their last lines of defense in Independence square and just about forced the police back after an attempt to clear the square. Once the dust had settled almost 30 police and protesters had been killed, on a day where firearms were used openly by both sides for the first time.

Vice News arrived a day later to a city on lockdown and Independence square resembling a dystopian protest nightmare, fires burning, everything covered in black ash and the protesters themselves looked tired and desperate as a fragile truce held throughout the night.

The next day however set of a chain of events that would leave dozens of protesters dead, Yanukovych fleeing the country and the protesters firmly in control of parliament. This film tracks the last days of the Euromaidan revolution, from the mass killings of protesters by the police on 20th February, to the day Yanukovych fled his private estate, leaving behind a wealth of incriminating documents linking him to fraud, corruption and possibly even attempted murder.

Within days an interim government, made up of protest figures and opposition MPs was in power and presidential elections were set for the 25th May. However, since the end of the revolution the new government has had to face a nosediving economy, the Russian annexation of Crimea and now a violent bid for independence by pro-Russian separatists in the east. After a violent and chaotic 6 months, the election gives the country a chance to look towards a future of closer links to the EU and a chance to end the corruption that dominates Ukrainian society.

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Do not be sad for those who died for the revolution be happy that they fought for it and for what they believed was right Glory to ukraine. From Finland.

Author — the gamer2047


This really blew my mind because I always look at it like it's a movie but it's not, if someone gets hurt no one calls cut, the dead will not get up after the scene because they are *really* dead.  I can't believe what it must feel like to stand there with a sniper somewhere not knowing if your next breath will be your last.

Author — Luke Lemmons


Thanks alot for this reportage. we ukrainians can't defeat the russian propaganda and hordes of trolls alone. this video maybe the most precious gift for the new year for us. Thank you guys! forgive us for inconvenience. we had no choice. peace to you.

Author — Ivan Salenko


Ukraine survived the Nazis and the Soviets. They will also survive Putin's invasion.

Author — PugnaciousBadger


Title of the video: last days of the revolution.
2019: it’s still goin’ guys

Author — Chris Hamilton


Vladimir Putin has a 100 million dollar house one the edge of the black sea, can anyone say corruption??

Author — DeepBlue


Very sad, very sad. Hope this country comes to peace as united one country. Glory to Ukraine.

Author — Dardania Lion


God bless the medics out there, true respect ✊

Author — Adrock 69


0:04 Lights self on fire with molotov. Yeah that just happened.

Author — The Spastic Mind Of A Stoned Guy


Someone can tell me how is the situation of Ukraine in 2019?

Author — Douglas Crypto


We the people of Hong Kong are modelling after the brave souls of Ukraine in fight against totalitarianism! May victory belong to the people! #StandWithHongKong #FightForFreedom 🇭🇰🇭🇰

Author — OG for days


"Museum of Corruption" is a very good idea. 

Author — Barış Çulha


I’m glad I live in USA, right now.

This is horrible.

Author — Spaghetti Souls


Damn seeing the women cry and calling for their friend/relative at 6:33 was too much for me... This what war brings, death, pain, injustice and more death.There can be no winner in a war, much less in a civil war...

Author — Fey Lep


Viktor Yanukovych, that bastard! He lied about not requesting military intervention from Russia.

The beans has been spilled. This guy is by far the WORSE elected president ive ever seen

Author — Joel Lum


"in case of revolution, break the glass" XD

Author — jodude5


The Ukraine is strong and has survived tyranny before, glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦

Author — PaperMind


(21:25) I just saw Putin in in the army.

Author — charles dawson


damn its been 5 years i remember when i was a kid seeing the battle for that square in cnn i remember the fires and the sniper

Author — Boken ka gaming


Israel look like a great place to live right now

Author — Albert einstein