30 BEST BLACK MATTE EYELINERS & KOHL PENCILS | With Hand Swatches | Chetali Chadha

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Hi Guys!

Hope you're doing well and staying safe!

Since I love eyeliner and kohl pencils and I have tried so many different ones over the years, here's my list of top 30 blackest mattest eyeliners and kohl pencils. I have some very affordable options in both segments and also a few favourite high-end ones.

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Thank you for such a detailed video, absolutely loved it nd hats off to the research and efforts you have done to make this video.... Love you ma'am 😍❤❤
There were so many brands I was not aware about it before watching this video.... OMG veryyy informative 😄😄😄

Author — Nikita Gupta


Thanks for increasing our IQ in make-up each day and making us learn about what's good in new launches everytime...
Plz do a video on how to take off waterproof mascara and video on coloured eyeliner and coloured kohl pencils.. ❤️😍
Really your hard work reflects through your video... I follow you and create my own stash of skincare and makeup... ❤️❤️ Lots of blessings and love to you Chetali 🧿❤️💋keep growing 💗

Author — priyanka gupta


Would love to see great options for coloured eyeliners

Author — Upasana Dasgupta


Wow Gurl you saved me So much Time !!! well done 👍🏻 it all looks so simple beneath the much planned effort!

Author — AmritaRaoChannel


Thanks for the recommendations gorgeous 🥰 Even I also love to use Plum Kajal ❤

Author — Radha Kapoor


A much awaited video is here ❤️ have been searching good eyeliner.. you are someone to whom recommendations are trustworthy! Lots of love ma’am

Author — Divya Pangoriya


Great collection!!!❤👍 personally, I use SEPHORA high precision eyeliner. IIt's not waterproof but i use a black eye pincel to outline my eyes and the wingliner first then i use the liquid eyeliner over😉😉 definitely will try some of these collection soon❤👍

Author — Ahmed Khalifa


Wowsum as always!
Thank you ma’am for such a wonderful explanation! 🤗♥️

Author — Harvy Shah


Hello Chetali🌹
Great content as usual ❤️
Please make one video on sheet masks which are economical as well. U r d best person to guide us 😘

Author — Pari S


Such a detailed video Chetali M'am!!! Thank You 💯👍🏻

Author — vinayak sharma


Thanks a bunch!!!💙💙was waiting for this from so long..your recommendations are a must buy!

Author — Syeda Afrin


One of the most classy hardworking and alluring youtuber ever...chetali mam you rock❤❤❤would love to meet you someday

Author — Ashita Joseph


Finally the most awaited video!!! I am a beginner and I was literally waiting for your video from literally so long so that I can buy an eyeliner. Thanks a ton and I would totally love to see your colored eyeliners video! XD

Author — Saumya Trivedi


Ur videos are really superb.. 😄the way u just speak inspires us a lot and u r Confidence is like the cherry on cake.. Thanks for the information u provide us.. Hope u will continue this.. A big toast to ur work🥂

Author — CM6I_107_Iramsaba Bagwan


You can try the faces canada kohl pencil n kajal. Sets on oily lid very well n also in affordable range. But loved your collection, n got my liquid liner from you.

Author — Paramita Basu


Would like see another video of your colored eyeliner collection ❤️

Author — vani divakar


Thank you for amazing video.😘Can you please do a video on affordable and best eyeshadow palettes?

Author — Niki Agrawal


I've always liked your videos..they are very detailed... please make one video for the colour eyeliners and kohl too...or an short instagram video please 🥺❤️❤️❤️

Author — Upasana Sardar


You should have also tried the retractable pencil of facescanada

Author — Megha Vijay


Can men wear eye liner, i use kajal for eye protection infact i am looking for the best and organic kajal which accordingly is the best as per your opinion madam?

Author — Evolve