M/S Estonia Mayday Call With Subtitles, Tribute

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M/S Estonia Mayday Call With Subtitles, Tribute 4.5
MS Estonia Mayday Call With Subtitles, Tribute

R.I.P. ESTONIA, 1980-1994

Estonia was sunk in the september 28th, 1994 at 1:50 AM. (GMT +2)

At the time of the accident there were 989 people on the ship, of whom 852 lost their lives.

The wreck rests in about 80 meters of water.

The wreck is located approximately 22 nautical miles (40 kilometres) south-southeast of the island of Utö.

May they all rest in peace.

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My grandparents died on this boat. 4 weeks later I was born. RIP Gun och Sölve <3

Автор — George Billgren


I was six years old when she sank. I remember saying goodbye to my neighbour the day before she sank. And I remember never seeing my neighbour again. It was my first memory and feeling of death in my life.

Автор — Zyphera


good job silja europa and mariella captains!

Автор — miky200sx


these guys remained calm and worked well together. goodjob.



My brother died in Estonia. R.I.P all people who died

Автор — Emils katt


Thanks internet for telling me about another tragedy I didn't know about at 4 in the morning

Автор — Very Nice


I travelled on MS Estonia three times, last time I forgot to return my cabin key, so when I got back to my student dorm at the time I just put the key away.
Then a year later I realized what I had lying in my drawer.
To this day, I still have that key on the same bunch as all my other keys, ocasionally looking at it. Cabin 1029 it says.
Creepy one might say, but it makes certain things in life a bit more palpable to me.

Автор — mateuszmattias


Haunting. The last that was heard from Estonia was “Its looking really bad now”. So awful

Автор — Isaac Mitchell


Laiva uppoo ja sitten "hyvää huomenta, puhutko sä suomea?"

Автор — Random user


My mom was working on Silja Europa that day. She told me it was the most terrifying day of her life.

Автор — tahkuegyt


You have to wonder, during all of this there was probably people alive in the ship as it was under water in air pockets. What an absolutely horrible way to die.

Автор — Atamv


A bit different way of working than Costa Concordia. This is more professional and captains aren't cowards.

Автор — As D


Different ship companies, all working together.
Chivalry isn't dead.

Автор — Mytty -


Everyone on the bridge of Estonia died. Including the guy you hear in this recording.

Автор — kevjtnbtmglr


when Estonia speaks, you can hear all kinds of alarms blaring in the background

Автор — UltraGaivalas


its extremely heartbreaking to realize that during this video the radiator of ms estonia drowned, just minutes after after he says 'the situation is looking really bad here'

Автор — Jop3lius


All these seamen doing their duty with relaying emergency radio traffic on this highly trafficed ferry line makes me feel such awe. They all sound so cold and ready for what is happening, eventhough they had no idea of what was going on. You can tell some of the men have been just woken up. As far as I can tell, a few of them switch between Swedish, Finnish, Estonian and maybe even English without mistakes. They manage to relay position in one go, and are so quick in relaying new information (such as the position, the red flare, the visual contact etc.)
None of them hesitate for even a second in this awful weather, in vessels FULL of other civilians to look after. Im in awe of the works of ALL the crews.
It was an absolute shit situation in all ways, with a shitty outcome no one could control, though I am 100% sure the crews and captains mustered all their experience and courage to try to turn the situation around and do as much as possible.
As a Swede I'm proud to have Finnish and Estonian neighbours.

Автор — Johnny Walker Texas


Keep in the mind that the captains of Mariella and Europa have stated in interviews, made by the Joint Accident Investigation Commission (JAIC) that they couldn't wrap their heads around that Estonia had actually sunk when they arrived at the scene. They thought they would find Estonia with a really bad list, not totally under water.

Автор — The Red Sphinx


Terrible to hear all the alarms in the background of Estonia´s broadcast.

Автор — ari1855


Goddamit Europa's radio operator was doing great job

Автор — juhos3000