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One of the main advantages of NASAMS irl, that you don't use here, is that you can use several radars and distribute the launchers over a large area. You can for example put 2 search radars 10 miles apart from each other, with 1 launcher close to each radar to protect it, and hide the other launchers anywhere in the radar coverage area, even miles away from the radar. Result: it can do ambushes, and you can't even anticipate where the missiles come from even if you know where the radars are.

Author — So Say We All


In Vietnam, the SAM operators would switch radars on and off so that shrike missiles couldn't track all the way to their intended target. A-6 crews started using shrike azimuth data and running it through the A-6 onboard computer, DIANE, to triangulate the SAM site location and then bomb it with CBUs or iron bombs.

Reading about the A-6 right now. 3, 000, 000 to 7, 000, 000lbs of ordnance dropped per cruise by a single squadron. Average 17 sorties a day, 30 mk 82s per plane. They were known for running carrier groups dry of bombs. Would make a cool competition: which team can drop 500 bombs from their CVN first?

Author — tacticaltoolbox


Your crew chief would go nuts after that low flying, he'd be picking bits of tree out of all the nooks and crannies of the jet!! P.S. Nice flying!

Author — Marc Newitt


NASAMS use the AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel that uses scatted back to get a scan every 2 seconds (15 RPM *2) it looks like that is enough for a working TWS trace, especially as the launcher had a data link with the missile for pre-Pitbull guidance.

Author — Giles PJ


Cap I found that even if you have anti radiation missiles the NASAMS has no problem shooting those missiles down even in a saturation attack (to an extent) with high hit percentages.

Author — LD Viper


If you set this thing to alarm state red and radar emissions off, how long does it take for it to fire when you turn the radar back on? How much do the missiles loft? With proper emission control and realistic launcher placement, this thing could be deadly for anything below 15, 000 ft. You need a lot of hill to hide from a fox 3.

Author — voradfils


I was in Andøya when we tested the NASAMS. Its a network based system with alot of donor information (link 16/track radars). System is made by the Kongsberg group in Norway.

Author — Its_Maverick


In a future video, try play Carrier Command 2 with Simba and the others! Its a RTS game where you basically take control of a futuristic carrier to take over enemy-held islands.

Author — GST 3103


More disgusting would be a set of trucks with IR scanners. Basically a short range radar making wild weasel missions almost impossible. It wouldn’t give out any emission at all. The Position could then be relayed to the Control unit and the Target is half done at this point. Quite a good way to defeat cruise missiles too.

Author — KEK


I thought hitting things with your face was obligatory for GR so how did RC do anything wrong there at the end?

Author — Nails077


Got my Super Taurus in today, now just waiting on my Virpil Flight Stick, I can’t believe how fast I got this in, when I ordered my first Combat Panel I wanna say it took 5 weeks or so, now I’m gonna need help getting setup 😂

Author — USArmy Tanker137


This is a nasty system isn't it. I think the radar is a phased array - like the planar radars on AEGIS cruisers etc. so although it's rotating mechanically it's electronically scanning so the update rate is much faster - it will briefly loose it as the track goes to the edge of the array but will pick it up as soon as it rotates a bit, you can probably have many radars spread out and many launchers.

Author — Tom Riley


IRL at that altitude a potential birdstrike would be your biggest worry really xD

Author — DarthGator


Is it only AIM-120B/C that's available in DCS for NASAMS or have they implementet other missiles as well, like AMRAAM-ER, IRIS-T and AIM-9X?

Author — Wickwire86


Based on my absolutely no knowledge of SAMs/radar/missiles, other that what I’ve learned from this channel, wouldn’t they not need a fire control radar? Isn’t the point of a TWS system that they don’t use FCR that would notify the target of the lock? Would be interested to know if they do have one though, seems like a neat system from the vid/some of the comments.

Author — Mike Julien


Waiting for Cap, RC, SIMBA & Kortana reenact 🥰

Author — Ranki


Be interesting now to see if a wild weasel can attack that weird search and track system? Let's see an Su-25T and harrier with Harms and AR sidewinders have a go?

Author — Glen Proctor


Come on the F16 along with the JF and Mirage are the easiest aircraft to notch 120s in. It is literally a joke how easy it is compared to other aircraft.

Author — SpitFired skool


I’m building a model Ka-50 Hokum. I’m curious and have an idea. How many Hokum’s would it take to take down a US carrier group

Author — TypeZeta


Wow, this is some cool simulation! Ilove it!

Author — ET tit