'VIKINGS' | Most Epic Viking & Nordic Folk Music | Danheim

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Ninja Theory (Hellblade):

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01. 00:00 - Berserkir
02. 03:55 - War Of The North
03. 08:29 - Ivar's Wrath
04. 12:18 - Ivar's Revenge
05. 16:03 - Valravn
06. 20:14 - Holmgang
07. 23:29 - Ginnung
08. 28:24 - Tyr
09. 32:04 - Munarvagr
10. 35:21 - Temple Of Odin
11. 38:44 - Valhal
12. 44:01 - Angrboda
13. 47:59 - Gripir
14. 51:44 - Ulfhednar
15. 56:06 - Jörmungandr
16. 59:11 - Floki's Last Journey
►Composer: Danheim


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My playlist to match my new facial scars from skin cancer, as a woman having scars on the face can be quite daunting, but for me, I listen to these tunes and I can embrace them! I'm a warrior woman, I wear my scars with pride.

Author — Allissa Tenni


Played this when I went to the Swamp for the first time in Valheim and it was one of the immersive and intense moments I've had gaming. Great mix.

Author — Platinum WoW


Listened to this while taking a cold shower. Now I have a full beard.

Author — Jason Lilly


Listened to this while writing an essay.

It’s a declaration of war now.

Author — Yin


Through action, a Man becomes a Hero.
Through death, a Hero becomes a Legend.
Trough a time, a legend becomes a Myth.
And by learning from the Myth, a Man takes Action

Author — Philippe SKURA


120K Vikings vs 2.3K L0SERS . $mash Them All

Author — Epic MMA


I played this at my grandmother's funeral she climbed out of the grave drank all of the booze then died again glory to her in Valhalla 🏹🗡

Author — cheekydwaffle


Listened to this while boating with the boys, we are now raiding Francia in a long boat and singing "My Mother Told Me"

Author — Mr. Drip


I can't be the only one who uses this for homework. It makes me feel like I'm making calculations to raid a country or something.

Author — Firewarrior999


I played this for my 8 yr old nephew. Afterwards he drank all my beer, took my camping hatchet raided my neighbors house stealing all of their silverware and kidnapping their 18 yr old daughter saying something about going to the marina to find a

Author — Ulfhedinn


Legends say when you hear this in your car, your car will become a ship

Author — Schlappe Maggus


I showed this to my wife who's from Danish ancestry, and now is telling me Make the Viking Kingdom Great again with dilated pupils

Author — Johnny M Ramirez (Johnny Tsunami)


Worked out to this, came out jacked wearing a bear head piece and the blood of my enemies splattered on me.

I'm no longer welcomed there.

Author — seth buchan


Started listening when i was just a boy.... 20 seconds later i was holding a shield yelling "SHIELD WALL" whilst getting arrows fired at me.

Author — BKIMMO


I've not watched "VIKINGS" but after listening to this, I think I should start watching it.

Author — Alvin Silvester


These songs bring all brother's and sisters together

Author — Carson Miller


How it feels to enter the Black Forest for the first time and getting chased by a troll

Author — Cloutan


Went for a jog with this on. Ended up in great britain with an axe, a beard and was about to retake london (Edit: 7K LIKES YOOOO THANK YOUUUU, ya all are insane :D)

Author — Noobkiller1705


After listening to this my dog went outside and killed a bear.

Author — Theory of the Mobius


A lizard ran into my house while this was playing. I went out to get a broom and when I turned around, a flaming dragon was emerging from my roof

Author — Stephen E Ogbedeagu