Why Coronavirus Is Dangerous For Diabetics

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Why Coronavirus Is Dangerous For Diabetics 4.5

Coronavirus can be terrifying for an average healthy person but what about those who are considered “high risk.” The Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization state those at higher risk for the worst outcomes for the virus are older adults and people with chronic illnesses like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes.
CNBC explores why is coronavirus more dangerous for diabetics.

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Why Coronavirus Is Dangerous For Diabetics

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I'm going to shorten this 10 minute video down to 2 seconds, " because their bodies are already in a state of and at risk for higher inflammation". The 10 minute video could have been a 10 second video

Author — Demetrius Middleton


More resistance when we get sick essentially

Author — The Diabetes Daily Hustle


I am a diabetic, and from personal experience, I know that diabetes makes everything worse.

Author — Marvis Smith


Let's talk about how pharma has been price gauging insulin for years, and that's why people go to Canada. If the people who are hoarding and trying to resell goods can get fines it's time for big pharma to do the same.

Author — EloiseInParis


Basically if you have any health conditions, you are at risk.

Author — Shanna Sweger


It's disgusting how these insuline companies are over profiting from the needy. It's basically stealing from the sick. Should be criminal to raise medication prices like this.

Author — cyrilio


My Father who had diabetes and heart failure just passed away early this morning, the doctors are not sure if covid-19 was involved or not, but they are treating it like it had. He passed away around 0330 this morning @ Shady Grove Adventist hospital in Montgomery County, MD.

My Father was 68 yrs old


Thank you all for your condolences, me and my mom and my sister thank you for support. It’s been very hard since this morning, because we are not allowed to see him all together, only my mother was allowed permission to see him but decided not to do to the risk involved.

We already picked out a funeral parlor in the nearby area.

The hardest part was calling the rest of my family and friends and telling them that he had passed.

Author — Hakashi57


So far I've learned that COVID is more dangerous to Seniors, Infants, Smokers, Asthmatics, Anorexics, Diabetics, and Obese people.
So America basically.

Author — Itsatrap


5:05 to not waste your time...basically having high/uncontrolled blood sugars for a long time weakens your immune system

Author — TheVision


That’s tough for diabetics to have to be mindful about another thing when they are already living with diabetes. Hope the best for you all!

Author — Hin Franco


My mom has diabetes I hope she doesn’t get the virus

Author — KyleDaniel Mara


Pharma is the one to blame for everything because there is no reason why medicines like insulin should be as expensive as they are.

Author — Javier pereira rodriguez


us diabetics been taking L's since day one smh my head

Author — Aiden Flores


On behalf of Diabetics everywhere, thank you for bringing this to light.

It narrows the breadth of our worries, and That is helpful to us during this pandemic.

I am glad that you are here


Author — Timoteo3858


I am a type II diabetic, and have been on a Keto diet since January. My A1c last month was 5.6. All of my other labs came back excellent. I’ve lost 32 pounds, and have stopped having cravings for sweets. My CRNP was delighted...but she had warned me against the Keto diet. I’ve not told her...why bother? So much for enlightened nutritional education in the US. I am sheltering in my home except for twice monthly trips for groceries at 6 AM, when my store has hours for senior citizens. I get cat food, dried foods, and perishables, such as baby spinach, bananas and grass fed beef in secure packaging. I am 70, and at the store I wear a mask as a defense against sneezers, I take my own Clorox wipes and give the cart a thorough wipe, and I wear big yellow Playtex gloves. Overkill? No, catching the virus is overkill. God bless us and save us from this plague.

Author — HRH GMA


My dad has already lost 3 toes on his right foot from diabetes I hope he doesn’t contract this.

Author — Deady DeadSh0t


I'm more scared of my mom not getting her insulin, than her getting covid-19.

Author — #1Imaginaryhomegirl


Everybody is at risk. From 20 years old to 80 years old. Health or no health issues.

Author — Peppermint


Cut to the chase....their system, is already challenged dealing with Diabetes, so any additional infection is dangerous.

Author — Chapman


Hey my mom has type 1 diabetes... Putting her in a safe room as we speak

Author — Olivia foster