Five things to know before you FaceApp your face

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Five things to know before you FaceApp your face 4

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Thank god my data is only stored at safe, ethical and trustworthy companies like Facebook and Google!

Author — alter3go


So the Russians will only figure out how boring my life is 😂😂😂

Author — Devon Seidner


We already gave up our privacy long time ago

Author — Trading Exchange


Get real, we have already uploaded thousands of photos to facebook, twitter, etc... they could already chose from. As long as they dont hack your phone, one more image of you is not going to ruin your future presidential

Author — JJ


Don't need that app, as I've already got something that makes me look old and tired.

A mirror.

Author — Ver Coda


Russian government!? lmao I'm more worried about what the American government does with my info

Author — YankeeSpirit


Google has probably sucked more data about you from watching this video than face app ever would. But it’s ok as google is based in the US

Author — Donald McRonald


Damm now the Russians will know my totally diabolical evil inhumane plan

Author — The Working man


oh nOoOOooOooooO, not my face that I upload selfies of all the time that is easily accessible, get real your face is already easy to find by any government

Author — Trash Queen


Russian govt.. What were american companies such as google, facebook, apple are doing

Author — Cyril Matthew


So basically it's way less intrusive than Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat. What a ridiculous video.

Author — Ignatius Jacques Reilly


What if someone takes a picture of you and puts it into the app? Yep. Back to not worrying about what I have no control over. Thank you.

Author — TheMrmoc7


If I put a picture of Alexei I’ll be on their good side

Author — Skylo 101


Google has FAR more information, yet you ignore them (((for some reason)))

Author — Professional Dabber


out with paper bag over head "not risking it!"

Author — M MP


What about that Apple Face Identification password you use? What does Apple do with it? Apple has been doing for the past how many years the iPhone X has been out so I’m not worried. All their going to be seeing is how boring my life is. 😂

Author — keele owen


Welp whatever too late, I better have a clone of me sent to me in the mail

Author — Jason Herrera


Got to keep the "Russians" in the conversation somehow, right WaPo?

Author — Joey Starrett


You're insane dude!! I trust Russia more than you idiots or the loony far left!!! Russia!!?? LMAO Keep circling the drain MFR's!!!

Author — Vinnie Guarniere III


Did you guys forget about every other social media websites?
You think the Russians are gonna be like, 'oooh twitter, we can't touch those.'

Author — NoobAlike