Seeing the Beginning of Time 4K - New Universe Documentary 2019

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Seeing the Beginning of Time 4K - New Universe Documentary 2019 4.5
A cutting-edge film based on the work of scientists opening a powerful new window into deep space. Using high-tech telescopes we can now capture light across wide swathes of the universe and channel a vast flow of cosmic data into supercomputer models to probe the forces and events that shaped it. What can we learn about the origin of galaxies like the Milky Way, and of worlds like our own?

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I’m acting like I know what she’s saying 😂

Author — HassyPlayz


Seems we all here before sleep :) if only could pay attention while asleep..

Author — Trading Robot Research And Development


Says documentary 2019
Talks about a telescope to be launched in 2018

Author — Cristian Roth


38:20 reminds me of how neurones look in brain cells.

Author — darkstatehk


Personally, I am interested in what happened in the Dark Ages - up to one billion years after the 'Big Bang'. Perhaps the eerie dark universe lies at the heart of creation? The imagination is limitless in relation to speculative theory. I hope you enjoy the poetic journey - Dark Forces.

Dark Ages

The beginning.

Singularity, BANG, so the laws of physics declare

Subatomic particles and electromagnetism ignite

Building blocks of life, bound together with light.

Dust and gas plumes compete with the force of gravity

Crushing the cosmic canvas through direct collapse

To create massive black holes as time and space elapse.

Supermassive Black Holes

Profound mystery.

In the early stages, how did these superstructures evolve?

Greedily devouring each other through a process of inflation

Or perhaps, the eerie, dark universe lies at the heart of creation.

All that elusive material may have created gigantic black stars

Who feed on dark-matter particles until it violently explodes

Creating colossal black holes when it erupts and implodes.


Incomprehensible size.

Mysterious dark matter coalesces to build the cosmic web

Undetectable, elusive foundation in the fabric of spacetime

Attracting the mass of observable matter, a new paradigm.

From the dark ages to galaxies, clusters and superclusters

Floating on filaments in space like a string of pearl beads

One can only imagine the whole in which it supersedes. ¬¬¬


Such elegance.

An eclectic mix of elliptical, irregular and spiral swirls

Unimaginable beauty including the gas clouds of creation

Interstellar star nurseries, born inside celestial formations.

Our group of galaxies belong to the Laniakea Supercluster

But unlike our gravitationally linked family, solid and sound

Superclusters are temporary structures, dark energy bound.

Sagittarius A-Star*

Four million solar masses.

Lurking at the heart of our own Milky Way galaxy

A colossal vacuum in space with no luminous source

Lies a supermassive, black and mysterious force.

The Sagittarius A-Star* is many light years away

The gravitational pull at the centre of this hole

Devours cosmic material with no self-control.

Milky Way

Barred spiral.

Our galaxy comprises of billions of stars, dust and gas

With much more dark matter than you can imagine

All tied together by the force of gravity in action.

Safely situated in one of the swirling, galactic arms

Our second-generation star, stable planetary system

With celestial bodies, rings and moons coexisting.


Cosmic battle.

Within our local group, the fate of our demise awaits

The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy lock together

By fixed gravitational forces, bound and aligned forever.

In five billion years, a galactic showdown is inevitable

The supermassive black holes will infuse to become one

Creating an unfamiliar structure, a new life begun.


Dark energy.

Despite the fact the known universe is inextricably linked

A struggle between two opposing forces unfolds from the start

Where gravity attracts mass together, dark energy pulls it apart.

This mysterious force, fuels expansion, towards a chilling demise

Ultimately, there is only one winner in this light versus dark extreme

Black holes, dark matter and dark energy reign absolute supreme.

Copyright: Marshall Hughes

Author — Marshall Hughes


...but can you zoom to the moon for a really close up? Not P900

Author — Wick van Schalkwyk


Did time ever start? Will it ever end? Is this the one billionth Big Bang?Just-wondering.Off to sleep in someone’s sleep

Author — Brian Quinn


Deceiver of men! Thought this was new...

Author — Strong_bad The destroyer


i may be mistaken, but i dont think the 11 minute point, she referred to dark matter and dark energy as arent these still unproven theories?

Author — Michael


Amazing incredible imagery! Thank you!

Author — Aleksandra Garden4Challenge


The Silmarillion explains the beginning of the Universe and Time. That's all we need to know.

Author — Arch Yeomans


Dark energy and dark matter to figure this one out ..or have we🤔

Author — elbowrida79


soon as i hear an american voice it gets turned off i dont trust it 🙄

Author — Ray Von


Sweet dreams to ya'll. That voice truly is hypnotic!

Author — Lars Holger Holm


Quantum inertia theory would explain away dark matter
We expect to know by 2022

Author — Dadson worldwide


I have come from the future, this is Just another kabab roll🤣🤣

Author — Rash Chaw


this seems so dumb they cant even research more than 10 % of oceans on earth but they go into a space to see what happened 5 billions years ago.... such a waste of time and money... no one in humanity ever gonna be able to do something what they thinking of to find a new planet or what ever they do there planet will be destroyed in few hundred years probably so who cares whats gonna happen in 1000 years or what happened 5 bills years ago, they cant even prove big bang its just a guess anyways that looks silly for me...

Author — C Jey


Definitely one of the better documentaries concerning astronomy I have seen on YouTube! I was pleased to notice a distinct sense of humility intertwined with the ambition of some of the scientists being interviewed. Thank you for posting this!

Author — Drazic Milosovic


was time meaningless before the dawn of creation? if so how long did it take for the runaway reaction of reality to arise in the primordial void? and was there only nothingness before everything exploded into existence? is true nothingness even physically possible?

Author — Sees All Colors


A dedicated fibre optic connection from Chile to America. Data will then be spread through "Advanced internet connections" for real time analysis. Awesome! I am going to Google this and learn about advanced internet connections, how was I in the dark about this?

Author — rayc056