An exclusive tour of the 9/11 Memorial Museum on this 15th Anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

If you've never been to the 9/11 Memorial Museum, here is a special chance to take a guided tour. Join PIX11's James Ford and museum chief curator Jan Ramirez as we explore this hallowed space.​

Produced by: Elle Spektor

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This women’s really passionate about these pieces she’s keeping everyone who died alive by being so passionate and caring so much

Author — Compton ghost


Just went yesterday and I had tears in my eyes immediately as I stepped inside. Me and my friend went in the memoriam and found the names and pictures of our family friends who were FDNY.
This isn't just a museum, it's a memorial. It's a place where families can go and mourn their loved ones.

Author — FreeFallin119


May this never happen again.
Visiting this site is on my bucket list.

Author — Admiral Preparedness Ret. ⚓


I am still emotionally moved by watching those firefighters basically walking into a doomed situation RIP to everyone lost on that from the We won't forget

Author — Orange Squirrel


Even after 18 years we still remember that tragic day. RIP to all the people who died.

Author — iamjohnporter67


CANADA LOVES You! Proud to be your closest friends and neighbors! We will always stand by your side literally and emotionally! I was in NY city several years ago and the tower and museum was not yet completely finished but I will make it back just to see this place and pay my respects. I ❤NY! God bless the USA!🇺🇸🇨🇦From your friends up north!

Author — jack thomas


One of the most heartbreaking moments I’ve ever visited. This is a museum where you don’t wanna rush through. I spent maybe almost 4 hours here. It just broke my heart knowing I was in the area where a lot of death occurred. If anyone decides to go, bring plenty of Kleenex. You will need it. Be prepared for patience as you enter through the security checkpoints. Also, be prepared to absorb so much emotion. Especially in the areas that is dedicated to where a lot of the artifacts and eyewitness accounts happened.

Author — Renee Larson-Endsley


I'd love to visit and pay my respects.

Author — scott13january


Just finished the tour. Absolutely amazing experience and very humbling.

Author — Paul Morrey


The phrase "It was a beautiful September day" has never been the same for me and probably never will.

Author — Thomas Hughes


my heart and soul goes out to all who lost there lives on Sept 11 WTC and families/loved ones...this video was truly hard to see...with tears...i pray..D

Author — Dee Pool


This place was so emotional for me, there’s a place with phone calls and you can hear the last calls family member made to each other, super sad and emotional place

Author — Supremo Hoops


I have lived in nyc all my life. I was 3 years old when this happened and pray that the fallen and thier families find closer. When the memorial first opened to the public, I went to visit the memorial with my family and it brought soo much emotions. Such a sad day that changed America forever. Every American should at one point in their lives should come out and visit the memorial. 😭

Author — e guerr


i’ve gotten the honor to visit the museum for an nyc band trip back in march of this year. even though i was 6 months old during 9/11, i will never forget what i saw here, the horror, the destruction, but also the victims, getting to see their bios written by their loved ones, their broken voice knowing that their loved one is in paradise, after i got out of the museum, i collapsed near the twin tower memorial bawling my eyes out, my friends tried to comfort me, but i will never forget about my experience, and i will never forget those who died and lost their lives saving people from harm’s way. god bless america.

Author — doriwormx


Visited the memorial in 2017 and my goodness, so many emotions in that place. Rest in Peace to everyone who lost their lives that day, particularly the fire fighters, paramedics and police who ran towards and into the building. Such bravery.

Author — Mike Rios


Such an amazing journey that I would live to visit one day.

Author — Danny


I visited there two years ago, watching this video makes me so emotional.

Author — Honeynbees


I wish I could come here and pay my respects to those who have died. Love from Canada!🇨🇦

Author — Trevor Sauer


My heart goes out to every person affected by this tragedy.

Author — Russell Jr.


been there, and thought it was amazing. The whole thing is brilliantly done

Author — Overlord 1944