Route 66: Free living and liberty at a rural commune

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Route 66: Free living and liberty at a rural commune 4.5
What happened to the communes of the 60s and 70s? East Wind has adapted with the times to survive and prosper in the modern world. #route66 #america #highway

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It seems to be working if the have done it so well for 40 years. Best wishes.

Author — Kevin in Paradise


The uneducated, close minded haters in these comments are the reason these communities exist

Author — theChartist


I like how everyone shares the responsibilities as well as the benefits.

Author — ZombieMommy


If we all choose to live like this
We will change the world 🌎 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼❤️

Author — Gonzalo Gomez


I love that they’re successful at this for so long, I always thought this would be a great way to live.

Author — Cyndi Foore


Not one person staring at a cell phone. Obesity seems to have missed them, must be doing something right!

Author — Pam Hunsinger


This is practicing capitalism... in a group with democraticly elected "managers".. the difference is it's small enough to not to be corrupt.

Author — Fuzzy Was


I was born in a Commune in the 60's in California ....Best times and memories of my life...PEACE AND LOVE

Author — Roland Specht


I grew up in the Ozarks in the 50's & 60's in the small town of Waynesville, Missouri.
I had total freedom and lived like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

High five from a hippie/roadie in central Europe

Author — Sandy Sandifer


Works for me! Having spent many years on a farm, I now feel like a fish out of water flopping about aimlessly for air! I cannot stand urban living on the grid! I sense a cool change coming on!

Author — Kel Collins


i lived there for 4 yrs it was awesome

Author — jeff lynch


I'm completely stoned.. I'm hippy and I'm trippy... and a gypsy on my own.. I'll go to Frisco, catch the crabs... then take the bus back home.. Frank Zappa

Author — Mike Btrfld


Why do all these wonderful and interesting video's have to use the loud music

Author — Marie Newell


This is so amazing! I've always wondered if people were "real." If there was a place that really existed where everyone cared about one another and worked together in a harmonic way of life. This is so incredible it's like a dream...I always wondered if this way of life had long since been forgotten by the self-serving "rat-race" of capitalism pretentiously posing as a "community." How do I contact these wonderful people to enquire about possubly being accepted in this real life community?

Author — Jim Lane


I'm for it as long as they don't hand out Kool-Aid.

Author — Rainbow Rover


What a beautiful film! I love all of you. Thank you for sharing your sweet life.

Author — Starcrow Astrology


What is the laws in starting a commune ?
Not a 'cult' but a nice happy commune of peoples all living together building up their own village just like in the old pioneer days...

Author — SeaJay Oceans


Maybe it's because I am cynical as hell but I always assume there is something sinister lurking just under the surface of these too good to be true communities.

Author — Scott Devereux


The bottom line is this they're not totally free they still part of the capitalist system whether they like it or not...

Author — ska punk OI! alternative living


They must have had an initial investment to purchase land, building materials. etc. And they have health care and insurance, which means they haven't rejected the system . So I wouldn't call this a social revolution. Good for them though. They should write a book on the history of the community.

Author — Mrs Chester