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🇦🇺 AUSTRALIA v/s CANADA 🇨🇦 4.5

This video is a comparison between Australia and Canada in terms of immigrating as a permanent resident.

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Come to Canada, we will welcome you with open arms! :D

Author — Allan003


You explained by easy way, so we can easily decide

Author — VB Stuff


Without thinking close eyes first word comes out of my mouth is CANADA when I was just 10 years boy I dream of it and now I'm 35 four times tryed and failed spend lots of money times but didn't give up yet

Author — Red&Green


This video is very much helpful and I want to have a word with in personal too.
Thanks alot.
Great work u are doing. 👍

Author — Fuzail Ahmed


If you are a permanent resident of Australia, you can live and work in New Zealand as well with no major restrictions. Its pretty much like getting PR for two countries.

Author — Rakesh Neelam


Really phone bill in Australia way cheaper than canada some of ur number is not right

Author — Raw2929 Will


Hey Sheetanshu,
You do some awesome research and great purposeful videos man. Can you do videos comparing New Zealand and Canada. Also the PR process for New Zealand and all the related visas?
Cheers dude!!!!

Author — krijzor


Exactly you did what we need of comparison thank you for such a wonderful work 👏❤

Author — Arjun Singh


@3:20 that was my case when i made the immigration decision. I wanted to immigrate to AUS but cuz i have a bachelor in electronics engineering and my work experience is in IT i had no chance. thats why i decided to go to Canada and am writing this comment from Toronto :D

Author — Mohammed Riyadh Humaidan


Can you please make a video on job market in canada ?
And also what you think the CRS cut off will be in 2019.?

Author — Pratik Patil


Canada b/c if it's proximity/relationship with the U.S

Author — Sean N.


Please make a video " Pharmacy life in Canada "

Author — Laxman Guptha


Canada is the best I live here awesome come onboard enjoy the best life..

Author — FforFree


Bro you are doing exceedingly well.I'm a regular viewer of your all videos. I have a request for yo that please make some tutorial regarding PNP.love

Author — Demarea Demarea


Thank you for sharing all this amazing inf🙏New sub😊

Author — S S


Best video watched ever with regards to my queries on can and aus.. Great efforts

Author — Nida Ali


Thanks sir I was waiting for this comparsion since I subscribe your channel

You are a angel for me love you

Author — Bilal Shaukat


Like if you love this channel !!!
Atleast I do !! This is changing my life !! Can see light now more clearer !!

Author — M4A1


Please correct the spelling mistakes....eg 'privileges', 'eligibility'

Author — severin kuok


hey! i have dome my BCA in 2016 and have experience in a field that is totally unrelated (i have my Proprietorship), so would that be eligible for Canada?

Author — Prabhpreet Singh