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Yak Dung 4.5

Young Tibetan herdsman Lance takes the viewers on a special tour full of pleasant surprises: how Tibetan cannot live without yak dung. With temperatures falling as low as minus 40º C on the Tibetan plateau, yak dung is a valuable heating source for herdsmen. A non polluting fuel, it is used to burn offerings to the gods and light oil lamps. Children make toys out of it, while artists sometimes sculpt figurines of the Buddha using this material. It is also used in construction and medicine.

The quality of the dung is an indicator of the environmental health of the plateau and the yaks that roam it. In the near future, Tibetans may no longer live with yak dung. Will they still be themselves then?
Lance is a member of the Nyanpo Yuzee Environmental Protection Association. He devotes part of his time to monitoring wetlands.

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Молодец народ !!! А мы живем в городских условиях, в тепле и уюте, да еще вечно не довольные ходим



Me: *eating brownies*
YouTube: YaK dUnG

Author — Bogdan Gabriel Marinica


Amazing... people live in different ways and place. Thank you!

Author — 코스 새댁


Great video and awesome footage of mountain life. I will show my Tibetan son what he is missing when not growing up in his culture. TASHI DELEK!

Author — xin zang


it is so interesting to see how unlike the modern societies these people respect the mother earth and live so harmonies with it

Author — GETREAL!


Very educational video! Much of culture shown here!!

Author — Mary Brantley


Мужчины только пасут скот, а вся тяжеленная работа, как всегда лежит на женщинах и детях.

Author — Sibiryachka Sibiryachka


ООО АЛЛАХ, ушул Адамдарга ден соолук, акыл ыйман бер, жашоосун женил кылакор🤲

Author — имя фамилия


lost for words how to admire such brave souls.

Author — Simple being


Wonderful! I don’t know why it took me so long to watch this and the English subtitles were very much appreciated. Thank you

Author — lorioc42


That boy in the blue sweater is so adorable and is so helpful! He lives a simple life with his family, and does face a lot of craps that kids in the west face.

Author — unebonnevie


Amazing documentary. The Yak, a "giving" animal. Bless them.

Author — Kat Nip


I really liked the place and their lives but am scared of the snow fall. NICE.

Author — catherine mukungu


I really like this documentary Bilal from pakistan

Author — Bilal Hamdard


Love this documentary, interesting and educational. And what strong women! 💓

Author — xenïa antunes


The video should be titled " Women are Awesome ". The dung wall looks amazing.Very smart women.

Author — Maynard


My respects to these BEAUTIFUL people. Brave and beautiful

Author — Sandy Miller


7:42 - Yak: "Did you seriously just film me taking a dump? What is wrong with you?"

Author — Arioch IV


Missing those Day when we play like this

Author — Karma Lama Hyolmo


I like how the Yak takes a 💩💩💩💩💩
And the others just sit back and chew on the grass like it's Tobacco 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Dulcelina Cabral