Rep. Collins speaks out on the aftermath of House floor fight

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Rep. Collins speaks out on the aftermath of House floor fight 5
Republican Rep. Doug Collins says Speaker Pelosi's remarks on Trump's 'racist' comments were 'clearly over the line.' #FoxNews

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"the squad" is using their "race" to try to make them immune to criticism. They are the only one who cares about race.

Author — Pensive


The squad wasn't singled out because of their color, they were singled out because of their anti-Americanism.

Author — Sandra Mae


The future in politics is SAD those four freshman congresswoman need to be IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY

Author — David LeBlanc


Enough. These four are playing the race card, creating further divisions, a cheap game.

Author — Earthdogbonzo3


Why is it that supposedly non-racist "liberals" are always identifying people by their skin color?

Author — john mceiver


Finally Republicans are showing some courage and not backing down and apologizing their butts off. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Author — luney tunes


I agree with Trump. If you don't like this country, please leave ASAP.

Author — Venus Love Factor


The democrat party should be renamed, "The Saul Alinsky Party."

Author — S H


Democrats think they are above the law. Look at Hillary and Bill. If I had done what she did I would be rotting in prison. TRUMP 2020

Author — Robert Otto


Doug Collins is one of the very few Congress member's that displays class .

Author — Boxcar Bubba


She’s no leader. She’s a dried up old drunkard 80 years old 35 years in congress and has done zero for the country or district but has enriched herself by 100 million $...

Author — GATES OF VIENNA 1683


I agree with Rep. Collins...Nancy Pelosi has lost it...she needs to step down.

Author — John Tatum


the squad is a treasonous group of women pushing the divide of America

Author — John McCall


The 4 Democrat Congress Women are a disgrace and menace of this country. They should be remove in Congress right away. Ilham Omar should be strip in her citizenship and should be deported.

Author — Corazon Fernandez


The whole Democratic Party is completely unhinged ! ! !

Author — John Sullivan


In the eyes of the left. Rules and laws don't apply to them.

Author — Doug Kennedy


After Nancy Pelosi's acts Nancy should be removed as Speaker!
Nancy took for ever to correct their Antisemitic remarks and still endorse that, "watered down Resolution" no names mentioned! But less than 2 days were all over trumps tweets! Ilhan is now going towards a resolution against Israel!

Author — scratchnsniff 64


Trump and crew are also people of color, constitution never specified wich color is an American.

Author — ZIGZAG 101


"Women of color"? Do you mean Colored Women? It's the same thing right?

Author — Flying Paladin


these women have to go I can not believe people voted for these do nothing racist...

al green another member of congress trying to drive a racial wedge between AMERICANS

Author — Martin Klett