Talisk - Echo

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Talisk - Echo 5

Mohsen Amini - Concertina @Mohsen Amini
Hayley Keenan - Fiddle
Craig Irving - Guitar

Recorded by Barry Reid
Mastered by Richard Dowling
Filmed by Gus Stirrat

💬 Comments

We all came here for the tiny fancy accordion. Admit it

Author — Stolasish


Guy on the accordion is hacking into the mainframe

Author — RandomHer03


youtube recommended serving up some bangers

Author — Pharot


Came looking for copper and found gold.

Author — Izaya Orihara


There’s only a few songs that get you nostalgic over a memory that doesn’t exist.

Author — Reality Rogue


when you try to play your concertina but instead you ascend to the next realm and fight god

Author — Pompadorbz


At a pretty low moment in life... Music has healing powers, thank you.

Author — Moon


Feels like the intro song for a really good day.

Author — Dustin


"You hear that? That's adventure, and She's calling out your name."

Author — That Asshole in The Comment Section


I'm playing an old antique concertina that we bought from someone who had it in a storage unit for god knows how long for a play at my high school, and I thought that I was becoming pretty good at it until I saw this video. 😅 The concertina work in this video is incredible, and I'd never be able to do it with my beat up Christina (that's what we call her). It's such a beautiful instrument, I can't wait to learn it more.

Author — charcoal king


I can't explain why, but this moved me literally to tears.

Author — Blue Hart


When my soul is dead inside I play music like this and come back to life.

Author — 大天狗


This has got to be the most universally positive comment section on YouTube surely

Author — ROiDIIoHAMOo


Mohsen Amini is absolutely insane on Concertina, his hand movements are so rapid but accurate

Author — Nightlife 9


Its sounds like something in movement, this sounds are alive, like a wind.

Author — Mia Khalifa


if the word "healing" were to be represented by a song

Author — Stanza


wonderful discovery to add to my celtic music favorites.... great to see young people doing this type of music

Author — Elena Vantrel


A guitar player, a concertina player, and a fiddler walk into a bar. 5 minutes later, this happened.

Author — Helios8170


I've barelly began to learn music, I have no clue of what just happened here, I just know that I loved it

Author — Giovana P.


I was not aware that it was possible to absolutely shred on accordion... but man was I just educated

Author — Ben Goslin