100% STOCK MD-11 Speed Build in KSP

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Thanks to TheBaconCanadian for suggesting this build! Enjoy the video!

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I was going to try making some replicas myself, but honestly, I after watching your videos, I don't think i could really do any of the real aircraft justice the way you can.

Author — Hat Man


Really intricate shape and detail. Great talent to have.

Author — smakkacow


congrats to the 100 subs :D youre growing fast with youre awesome planes like this one ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ Do we get a plane at christmas from you?^^ have a good time. :D

Author — PantonomHD


You deserve at least 25, 000 subs. My only complaint is that the front landing gear should be a bit farther back. Other than that, it's a very good plane!

Author — MK


My favorite plane 😍 good way of building planes and this video is great!!🤩🤩

Author — INGSOC Mapper And Gaming


This is the most perfect wide body plane i saw you make

Author — Cryobyte Does Stuff


A380 please? :)
Also, these are awesome!

Author — IAmAPerson _


Man your fast. So time for the 777-300er pls?

Author — Cinnamon


You should add droops...flaps on the front of the wing that add a little extra lift during takeoff and landing.

Author — Ajax_Stormwing


How do you copy a part without having to place it again ? Like that you can just offset a copy of the 1 part and offset it

Author — Bill OhSnap


You are great in building things, but You are also a terrible pilot

Author — Witch of Engineering


can you pls make a piper warrior 161. that was the first plane i flew

Author — Morgan Phillips


hi! how cloud be those huge wings so stable? i always have to use those steel cables to make it string enough but that looks terrible.

Author — Ákos Marádi


Meanwhile, the KSP developers are scratching their heads trying to recall if they had accidentally added planes into the game. Very nice!

Author — Banverdict Cumbearsnack


My aircraft perfectly illustrated this aircraft is only my preferred aircraft because I only had a chance to fly with it and it was at Varig do Brasil so it was a unique experience ...!

Author — Gabriel Ferreira


David please do a DC-10 Douglas THE'RE MY FAVORITE PLANE!!

Author — Yespacito


Maybe you could have saved the crew at 10:30 by pulling up harder

Author — ComradeEd


does turning control surfaces into flaps do anything (I know that it makes planes able to fly at a slower speed in the real world. Im not dumb)

Author — WHITELAZER 68700


I'm wondering if you could take it to max-jet altitude, bank to the left and put the left jet-engine thrust reverser on on max power

Author — PublicTransportationBelgium


If you made the cargo door blow open would've been better

Author — Calvin chirom Chirom