5 graphically impressive NES + Famicom games - minimme

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EPILEPSY WARNING: There's about 7 seconds of flickering at 2:15 :)

GTA Advance

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EPILEPSY WARNING AT 2:15 MY FRIENDS PLS DONT SEIZURE it's flickering for about 7 seconds :)

Author — minimme


Fun fact: A lot of NES/Famicom games had extra hardware on the cartridges to enable important features, such as horizontal scrolling in Super Mario Bros.

Recca has none of that. How.

Author — Flerger Bergitydersh


Good stuff, minimme, I hadn't heard of a few of these! Will have to check them out.

Author — Nintendrew


I love your comment about B-tier games being more reflective of real experience, I agree totally and that's a big part of retrogame nostalgia for me too. I have never been able to express that as well as you did.

Author — Jamie


If you ever do another one of these, make sure to check out the game Gimmick! It's honestly the most graphically impressive game on the NES. Extremely detailed sprite work, nice little touches like your star attack making a splash when it hits the water, and gameplay wise, it has some cool stuff like enemies following you when you try to run away. It's honestly surprising it runs as smoothly as it does. Play the Japanese version, though. The music sounds better in that version due to the extra sound channels.

Author — Inky Reads


It's always really cool seeing just how much graphics and gameplay evolved during the NES' lifetime. I always forget just what it was capable of when it was really pushed.

Author — Lady Brightcynder


Love how you get straight to the point

Author — Oliv


_"I'm playin'; Rad Racer with the Power Glove IN 3-D!"_
-James Rolfe (AVGN Episode 14)

This seems cheating, but there's a cancelled NES "port" of the infamous driving game with the worst ports: Hard Drivin'. As you probably didn't know, Hard Drivin' is an arcade game where you drive the worst 3D rendition of the Ferrari Testarossa (or a generic car) around _the track_ where it has a split path where you either speed or stunt. The NES isn't really capable to do legit 3D like it's original, so they (Atari/Tengen) decide to make it like any other 80s racing games at the time, but quite off-putting.

Author — Mace 2.0


I grew up in the NES & Gameboy era, and it's always nice to see yonger people like you really enjoy and appreciate the older games. Keep these videos coming!

Author — Zeus


Immortal looks so impressive, that frame rate and graphics. I have not played it but it looks like it plays like the genesis version

Author — Frankus Corrales


Vice Project Doom is such a hidden gem!

Author — Lyle .G


I think Super Spy Hunter could be in this list too, it's just freaking awesome.

Author — GMD TheOnyxGuy


I got summer carnival on the virtual console and using the save feature I essentially TASed it wave by wave and somehow enjoyed myself.



Wow. Vice Project Doom looks 16 bit. And I love 80s boxes. My favorite being Megaman

Author — L. Ron


Please dont stop posting content. I find this stuff SO interesting!!!

Author — Driver Nephi


will there be a 5 graphically impressive dreamcast in future videos?

Author — Retro__Glitch


The look of Vice: Project Doom reminds me a lot of the Sunsoft Batman game for NES

Author — DankTendencies


You simplified that Recca Summer Carnival '92 came out in Japan in 1992. This is only a half truth. The game was not commercially available, but played in shooter tournaments and given out as prizes. Aside from the extremely rare prize cartridges and those left from the competition, every last cartridge of it is either a bootleg or a reproduction cart. Thought I'd point that out.

Also worth mentioning when it comes to the best looking NES/FC games are the likes of Metal Slander Glory, Ninja Gaiden 3, Magician, Gimmick!, Kirby's Adventure and many others. There were a lot of excellent looking games on the NES/Famicom.

Author — Satoshi Matrix


I can't understand why so many Gamers forget "Street Fighter 2010". Definitely, it title has one of the best graphics that added to special melodies make it one of the greatest master pieces of NES. Street Fighter 2010 has even better graphics than many important titles released for 16' bits plataforms. This game is a great surprise for newer gamers.

Author — Santiago wolnei ferreira guimaraes


5 Graphically Impressive Game and Watch games

Author — Ryansock