Coleman Hughes on The Case for Color-blindness S2 [Bonus Episode]

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 months ago

Welcome to another episode of Conversations with Coleman.

Today's episode is a bit different than usual. It's actually a recording of a talk I gave at Harvard's Program on Constitutional Government three months ago, entitled The Case for Color-blindness. My talk is about 30 minutes, and it's followed by an audience Q&A. Just a warning the video quality on this is pretty poor, but I liked how the talk went so I decided to release it. I hope you enjoy it.

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If American society can produce people with the character and integrity of Coleman, there is hope.

Author — Over 50’s CoD Club


It is inexpressibly frustrating watching people fall for the blatant contradictions framed as wisdom that make up critical race theory. It reminds me of my youth as an atheist arguing against religious fundamentalists, pointing out their contradictions, hypocrisies, and fallacies, only to have them hate me, call me a sinner, treat me as an outcast, etc. CRT is essentially a secular religious for leftists, and it's just as brain-dead and emotionally driven as the worst theology.

Thanks for what you do, Coleman.

Author — TheHangedMan


No one who believes we aught to be Color blind thinks that a person’s racial discrimination or experiences aren’t relevant. None of them.
They’re simply stating that your Color isn’t a true representation of who you really are as a human being, and that that is the most important aspect to me.
To argue against Color blindness by straw manning them to also believe ‘no experiential challenges are relevant’ is insincere and a bad faith argument.

Author — Shahrooz Shadbakht


Logic, critical thinking and common sense, as always, from Coleman 💜

Author — Kelly Brown


Coleman's thoughts are always interesting and I enjoy listening to him think through or explain a topic. He is nuanced and fair, trying his best to be intellectually consistent and curious. I have to say, I am a fan. It is hard to find honesty in discourse these days.

Author — Big Board Battles


The fact that Kendi won't debate Coleman is absurd since Coleman steel man's Kendi's arguments and CRT so well

Author — J Mal


This is the most lucid description of CRT. Thank you Coleman!

Author — Stephen Viola


So much clarity! Such a thorough explanation of colorblindness and crt. I need to listen again with pen in hand and take notes! Thank you Coleman.

Author — joanne houseman


at 16:15 his point about corporate and media backing for CA's prop 16 vs almost no backing for opposition is chilling. corporate america, academia, silicon valley, and hollywood VS common sense and the rest of us.

Author — redsaberdude


Dr. King being “venerated, but ignored” is tragically all to true. Too many blacks today who advocate an anti-color blindness position seemingly don’t consider the core message of color-blindness in Dr. King’s I Have A Dream speech.

Author — Derek Franklin


There's some strength of conviction in standing for color blindness when you wouldn't be as popular in a colorblind society.

Author — blackonblackthought


Coleman, I love your framing of CRT and the two principles. I'd love to see it as an article that I could share with some friends. Keep up the good work please.

Author — Thomas St. Thomas


Very impressed by this young man. Have been listening to his podcasts. He is very much an independent thinker.

Author — j j


One of my favorites. CRT to me is basically a way of selling nationalism under the disguise of equality. Still with a lot of the racially separatist views and segregationist mentality of the far right. I feel both sides of the political spectrum feel nervous in a way with boundaries between identities blurring and tribal identities dissolving.... it's indicating a much more mixed and individualistic future where people are harder to categorize, judge, and control, and this terrifies a lot of people raised in that traditional tribal mindset.

Author — Ebony Atropus


I watched a white woman and a black woman discuss what each other meant and heard when they said/heard “colorblindness.” They conversed and arrived at a mutual understanding. Problem solved. (Note: neither of these women buys in to Critical Race Theory, though).

Author — Alex Lindstrom


I’ve watched this video a number of times and have shared with many people. Outstanding discussion. Thank you for sharing it on your podcast. Keep up the good work!

Author — Andrew Brown


24 y/old, and a clarity and sharpness of the mind that most of us never reach..

Author — Ina Hara


Coleman's ability to take the turgid doctrine of CRT and distill its core tenets is impressive. After this talk I am more clearheaded about CRT's inherent contradictions, so expertly masked by its strongest proponents through weak, confused writing.

Author — Greg Evenden


This is the best talk on USA race relations in 2021 I've seen.

Author — Dave L


Immensely enjoyable talk. Very clear fact backed ideas, sophisticatedly thought through. Valued important questions met with satisfyingly deep and original answers.

Author — Anya Kirby