Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2 - Opening [60FPS] (1080p)

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Definitely a different style of opening for AOT. Also that Erwin shot is one hell of a foreshadow... The song is fire though, as expected :)

Author — Joe


when you can't choose what flavor you want so you just put all of 'em

Author — Adarsh Sharma


0:58 - 1:10 I love how they combine three songs from three different seasons 🔥❤❤

Author — Amna Elsheikh


Wow, an actual anime opening that benefits being in 60fps for once.

Author — Vandell


That Erwin shot just sends chills down my spine

Author — Clarity


1:09 me then: wait why is Erwin standing with those guys? Aren’t they dead?

Me now: oh shit

Author — Kymikaz


To be honest idk about yall but attack on titan made me realize that life is hard man

And for the ppl saying otherwise. Yall blind just like how aot explained in the show ppl thought they lived a peaceful life alone till the titans and other humans showed up. We think we living good because thats what they tell yall but truth is people are fighting for their lifes right now. And just like aot, how their ppl didn expect those titans destroying their walls and that those ppl died. If we aint prepared for whatever then we will just die like they did its that simple.

Author — Super Crunch


When they had to choose between armin and Erwin I almost cried

Author — IAmParadoxx


Admit it, season 3 was the best out of em all. Best opening and best story.

Author — CJ


Rage my Soldiers! Scream my Soldiers! Fight my Soldiers

Author — Phoenix Edits


God damnit...
I gonna really miss this anime when this ends💔

Author — akrius


Secrets I found:
1:02 going frame by frame, you can catch a faint overlay of Armin's burnt face just after he opens his eyes
1:05 There are a few frames of the blimp, which is in the most recent episode, and also the wall/gate that Grisha and Faye runs past

Author — Dongers


manga spoiler / end spoiler

if you think about it, Erwin with the scouts standing behind him was a huge foreshadowing of Levi seeing them one last time in chapter 139 😭

this series may be over, but it will always hold a special place in my heart 🕊

Author — tuwa Ahmed


0:27 if you listen closely you'll hear him talk about the beast titan

Author — Matty


1:11-1:27 this shit always gives me goosebumps it sounds so heaven like while im getting bombarded by the Ptsd, Epiopsy, Flashback sequences

Author — Jordan Washington


This is the best opening song in entire AOT series 🏆

Author — Usman Butt


The shot with Erwin and members of the survey cops behind him...epic!
This opening seems underwhelming but it's still my favorite AoT op.

Author — Brandon B.


Nobody else sense the part of the song where it starts combining all of the aot openings distinctive melodies super fast?

Author — churros724


At 1:05 that’s where the goosebumps kick in

Author — __Slicky __


I feel like I'm rewatching this entire arc in a minute and a half... such an underrated OP🔥

Author — Cooper Hutson