Madden 25 in 2020...

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Merry Christmas! Just wanted to switch it up real quick and revisit one of my favorite Maddens to ever come out on the PS4.

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Dude the game was goated I still play it over madden 21

Author — Devin Gray


I'm not saying Von couldn't make that INT, but he's got 3 INT's going back to his freshman year of college to now.

Author — Hector Colorado


Too bad they cut the servers off. I made a Madden 08 roster and Madden 21 roster in my spare time. Got about 2000 downloads, maybe more, between the two. Unfortunately, without hacking into my xb1 to extract the roster, I don't believe there's a way to share it. I do have some showcase videos on my channel and also a link to our M25 Discord.

Author — EldestTheGreat


So easy to win with this Panthers team. Who I play with. Cam was a beast

Author — Crimlo Motty


if only ea did not close down the servers

Author — Charles Madera


Now play my personal favorite:Madden 11

Author — Soldi3r G4mes