Why the Tour de France is so brutal

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Why the Tour de France is so brutal 5

It's all about the climbs.

The Tour de France is the most prominent cycling race in the world. It’s now in its 109th edition and it’s being called the ‘Highest in History’ because there are more climbs than ever before. This is important because the climbs are where the race is won and lost. The best riders rely on their teammates to get them through the long, flat, and hilly stages, before they take on the mountain stages on their own. These are the hardest and most brutal stages of the race - but they are exactly what makes the Tour de France famous.

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Clarification: In our discussion of the 2010 race, our video neglected to mention that Alberto Contador was later stripped of the title because he had tested positive for using a performance-enhancing drug.

Author — Vox


Almost died while climbing the tourmalet in my car... perfectly passable on a bike.

Author — Nate and Noah Try Life


"perfectly passable"... Sarcasm didn't translate well back in the telegram days.

Author — Christian Augustin


Flew over Mount Everest in my private jet... therefore perfectly passable on a bike!

Author — VintageToiletsRock


"So how many died this race"
"No one died sir"
"Increase the climbs by 10 next year"

Author — Argon


Me: "Mom, can we have perfectly passable mountain?"

Mom: "We have perfectly passable mountain at home."

Perfectly passable mountain at home: *Tourmalet*

Author — Rac Tac


i edited the comment so u dont know what got 3.5k likes

Author — Pizza Gaming


What men appreciate-
Baseball: nice hits
Football: nice catches
Hockey: nice dangles
Cycling: "nice thighs"

Author — CAP'N FTB


I only know how to Tour De Living Room.

Author — 12x12surface


.... how about we make parts of the course underwater??"
"Aight, lemme look into that."
*grabs scuba gear and descends, barely survives being eaten by Mediterranean Nessie, runs dangerously low on oxygen, only manages to surface with help of a dive team*
"Perfectly passable! Grab your snorkels and some cement shoes, boys: L'Eau de France is go!"

Author — EnigmaDrath


These Cyclists are Athlete Freaks. All respect for them and the amazing sport💯



Whenever I'm feeling a little down, I just remind myself that I have just as many Tour de France victories as Lance Armstrong does...

Author — George Galvin


"in the mountains, where they have to be on their own"

Unless you are Team Sky/Ineos

Author — Magnus Løkken


For the 3% reading this, i hope you become successful in everything you dream of and accomplish more than you had imagined. My dream is to become a successful African artist.

Author — MusicBankTv


Car gets stuck in snow
Nearly dies

*all clear, perfectly passable on a BIKE*

Author — Sheila


Chinese parents: yea this could work as a warmup

Author — Adomas B


1900’s: tour de france
2019: tour de mountains

Author — Triangulum


Giro d'Italia: laughs in alps and appennini mountains

It's just a joke, cycling at those levels is hard everywhere

Author — giorgio ciaravolol


**nearly died**

"Yup it's good"

Author — Argon


Dude wasn't pushing 240w there. Maybe 150w, max. 3:34

Author — bluemystic7501