Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Any% Speedrun - 1:17:31 IGT

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Any% Speedrun - 1:17:31 IGT 4.5
I cut out the loading times to make this easier to watch. There are a lot of 90 second loading screens after skipping cutscenes in this game.
This game is timed from the in-game timer in the statistics menu due to the varying and long load times.

This run was mostly good, but I think I could get a 1:15 without too much trouble. I died trying a stupid jump in chapter 2 that should have been easy and some other weird stuff happened. I don't have a lot of time these days to record attempts though so this is the best I've got for now.

Mostly I'm just excited to show the cool skips in chapters 4 and 5. I made tutorial videos for them too -

Also thanks to Adef for figuring out a lot of this game with me

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holy shit it's been a while, good to see you back :D

Author — LeoA


Damn it's been awhile since you last uploaded.

Author — Kanzuki


okay i've bought this game on black friday and completed it wondering if you'd ever speedrun, and NOW THIS VIDEO!!! thanks oven! welcome back



Nice to see you speedrunning again! Awesome job as always

Author — Guchiandra


Personally, I think the auto-aim makes the game more fun. I mean, it's kind of cheating sometimes but the free aim in this game is really frustrating.

Author — Stephen Sunday


Thanks a lot for the clear explanation! :)

Author — NLJ235


What a phenomenal game I must say. Looks beautiful and the writing is top notch! Can't wait to see what they do with the Last of Us 2.

Author — SgtGo


Man the amount of times Chloe almost dies because of a ledge breaking.

Author — AMJGaming1159


You filthy glitcher. I'll have you know my father works at Naughty Dog as quality assurance and he does not appreciate you exploiting and cheating in his favorite game of all time!
How dare you take his legacy and throw it away. His legacy is lost just like your channel!

Author — Jamacanbacn