Coronation Street Collection 14 Annie

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Taken from the original Time Life series of profiles of Coronation Street characters/families

I own nothing of this - All copyright to Granada Televison & Time Life Videos

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the deliciously catty social one-upmanship between Annie Walker and Nellie Harvey is a total joy ...those two could have sustained their own sitcom.

Author — Mark Wardel


When Doris Speed died in 1994, Bill Roache said that the early years of the street could be summed up in 3 words- Ena, Elsie & Annie. In the same way that Den & Angie helped define the early years (and success) of EastEnders, Annie & Jack gave the first 10 years of the Street a mix of intelligence, wit and heart.

Author — Scotty United Boy


The brilliant Doris Speed. She was the best. RIP

Author — Stuart Gallagher


One of the interesting things I like about old Coronation Street is that you can see just how much social attitudes have changed. In this case, attitudes to age. Back in those days, people were 'old' at a much earlier age. It's interesting that Nelly Harvey talked about being 'spritely' in her 50s. I don't think anyone these days would consider being in your 50s as being in any way old.

Author — T H


Excellent compilation. Annie wasn't so glamourous in the very early episodes and quite common too!!! She sure changed her speech and look. Brilliant.

Author — Mike Hudson


One of the funnist scenes is when Annie says "the bedrooms Mrs. Ogden, if you don't mind". Doris Speed is just class. Don't make them like they used to..

Author — Padraig Lennon


I am 62 now & I don't have any regrets except one. I wish I had written a fan letter to Miss Speed & told her what a superb actress she was & requested a signed photo.

Author — Lizzie Allen


I absolutely LOVE that pome!!!! Heard it several years ago in another YT video and never forgot it. So very funny!

Author — Joseph Arturi


Annie was queen of low key roasting!😂😂😂

Author — louise owusu


Doris Speed played the role very well, in 1983 it was discovered she was a staggering 15 years older than she said she was, and she was burgled so took a break and never returned to the show. Billy Walker returned in 1984 but did not stick around long sadly.

Author — Benjamin Caine


After becoming Lady Mayoress, it was so touching when Annie picked up the photo of Jack and held it close.

Author — Shy Linh


Haven't watched it for years but loved it back then, worked in an office n last night's episode was always disscused, happy days!

Author — Deborah Johnstone


Classic Annie Walker From Coronation Street.

Author — Mark Genner


She always reminded me of the Queen Mother (looks wise) Fab character actress

Author — Olimamma 74


I loved the Nelly Harvey scenes hahaha

Author — Joe Gee


Annie Walker. The queen. What a legend.

Author — Chris Hartley


Having been married for 30 years, a secondary school teacher (retired), and a keen observer of all human life, I am always amazed what total cows females can be to each other. Just sayin, so sue me...!

Author — Mountain Man


For some reason could never warm to Annie but felt sorry for her when her own son took money from her bank account. Billy was a vile man and in some ways a slightly less despicable version of Terry.

Author — Saul Goodman


Wait.... her accent totally changed. In the first episodes she was as Northern as they come but as the series went on she had a plumb in her mouth. Interesting!

Author — Classic Movies


Began watching around 1979; thought she was from somewhere else judging by her snooty attitude and was somewhat ‘slumming it’. Came as a surprise that she was one of the natives and every bit as ‘common’ as the rest.
Could have shown Ena Sharples turning up as Queen Victoria and taking all the wind out of Annie’s pompous sails. 54:39

Author — Robert Doherty