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Going Home to South Africa - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show 5
Trevor talks about his trip home to South Africa and his surprise meeting with President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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💬 Comments on the video

He's a celebrity but is still so relatable as a human being. I'm so grateful.

Author — Caitlin Purple


But seriously tho Trevor, when are you coming home😂😂😂

Author — Xaphira 134340


The 14 dislikes are his history teacher with 13 extra fake accounts

Author — Maria Anna Karga


"Where's my history teacher now."😂

Author — Sietse de Groot


Those power walks where you pretend to be thinking of important things are basically trumps term in office

Author — Sam Geee


As a fellow South African, you're a major inspiration to me Trevor Noah. I look up to your work and how you unpack complex political issues.

You've even inspired me to start my own YouTube channel where I unpack South African and African politics and social issues

Author — Oliver Speaking


I adore these personal moments, it's like you are sitting down chatting with Trevor, such a sweet kind young man!!!

Author — Mntdewmania


Trevor Noah...always bringing joy to my day!!

Author — Dee Brooks


His friends will never let him live this down!

Author — lennier1


This is exactly why John Stewart chose him!

Author — Zac Smith


Trevor has the best stories about home. 😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Otherworldlytwo2nine


He is the best ambassador for South Africa going keep it up love

Author — Sylvia Hall


So the president has Trevor's friend's number?

Author — Nakadu


I don’t generally look up to celebs...but I genuinely love Trevor. To be this humble and always remembering where you come from is the true definition of ubuntu.

Author — Thomas Kok


"The president of what?", just like Anna Kendrick meeting Obama 😂

Author — Juan Sotomayor


That was one good PR stunt from the president, I must say.

Author — Alan O'Nyme


One man can make you fall in love with a whole country, God I love my whole continent even more because of you, bliss your soul my love ❤️

Author — Maryam Radwan


One like for an uncontrolled public outburst of laughter. You earned it! 😂😂😂

Author — Alexandria Sims


He makes every South African proud. Keep moving up Trevor. South Africa has your back.

Author — Trishen Kommal


Every mother with a kid at college knows the difference between coming home and Coming Home❤️

Author — Kat A