A Critique of Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Part 3

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A Critique of Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Part 3 5

This is Part 3 of 6 of a series of videos all about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

We continue where we essentially left off, Han Solo meeting Rey and Finn, leading to the Rathtar's scene. A scene filled with confusing and contradictory writing along with monster meatballs.

Soon after, we progress into the very chunky middle portion of the plot line while taking tangents into The Lord of the Rings, Captain America: Civil War, The Shining, Ready Player One, The Simpsons and more in this 4 hour selection of Star Wars analysis.

The cameos that were present in the older parts have now been removed from current and future instalments because they are drastically out of date - My fault for the production time taking so long. Otherwise, the video is essentially very similar to the two previous parts in form.

The Thumbnail art is courtesy of Oliver Pocock

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0:00:00 - Introduction.

0:00:51 - Han Solo's reputation.

0:02:08 - The executions of nostalgia in storytelling.

0:09:29 - The miserable tale of Han Solo and his dice.

0:13:28 - Opening up Rey and Han's relationship and what it costs.

0:17:00 - The many mistakes in writing during the Rathtar scene.

0:23:40 - The execution of throwaway lines in storytelling.

0:36:58 - You should go and Watch YMS' video on Kimba: The White Lion.

0:39:18 - Rey solves problems by accident and without requiring appreciation for it.

0:43:22 - Han Solo has been irreparably damaged.

0:46:09 - Who is to blame for the fugitives escaping?

0:47:27 - Addressing (Character X was always incompetent)

0:57:55 - How The First Order's targets are backwards and why.

1:04:04 - The characterisation that was intended and the result.

1:09:59 - Wish fulfilment characters don't have definition. - What are her choices?

1:26:19 - Explaining Luke's disappearance and the map.

1:30:05 - Developing Rey and Han's relationship - What could have been.

1:38:56 - What is ADR and what can we infer about TFA in relation to it?

1:44:33 - The difference in cantina execution between ANH and TFA.

1:45:36 - Maz Kanata is confusing.

1:49:44 - What is Kylo's goal? Why is the helmet here and Anakin is not?

1:54:17 - Infinite product to consume.

2:00:14 - Maz's advice and purpose.

2:01:38 - Addressing Finn's character history and consistency.

2:09:16 - The new Stormtroopers and why they are particularly incompetent.

2:12:09 - Cosmonaut Variety Hour is entirely hypocritical when discussing media.

2:17:50 - How characters are often introduced and understood and how that compares to Rey.

2:20:16 - Anakin's Lightsaber and the Force-back.

2:36:44 - What is the Republic and does this world care?

2:39:57 - The physics/resources of Starkiller base.

2:46:38 - (That's not how space works) how lazy writing can destroy a franchise.

3:01:28 - Maz's motivation?

3:04:01 - Rey has developed sharp shooting and the cantina has been destroyed.

3:12:52 - Rian Johnson's baffling decisions when it comes to deleted scenes and an explanation from Rich Evans.

3:18:04 - Maz vs. Yoda - The difference in creation when comparing the trilogies.

3:21:33 - Finn's encounter with a very specific kind of trooper and what that means.

3:29:10 - Rey is captured by Kylo Ren, How and why?

3:35:29 - A counter to Whataboutism

3:37:45 - The Outro - Links to other content.

3:45:39 - MauLer Merchandise!

3:51:48 - Stingers.

💬 Comments on the video

How could Han make enemies with every faction in the galaxy? Do they not realize how big a galaxy is and how many factions there must be? Even if he lived to be a million years old, he couldn't possibly piss off every single one. There isn't _one_ obscure planet somewhere he could hide out on?

Author — Possum Reviews


Omg those edits!
Worth the wait, will be rewatched soon.

Author — Thorneyed


i find really funny he had an entire section roasting Cosmonaut

Author — Mark Esteves ( Student )


Damn, that Finn montage was rough... they really did him dirty.

Author — klobb


4 hours for only part 3? Long man delivers!

Author — Akkad Daily


To those who criticize Mauler for his videos being too long, wouldn't it have been nice if the writers of these movies spent this long talking about the quality of what they wrote? Maybe we would have wound up with better movies or something. 🤔

Author — Corbin Markey


God, the fact that that Carrie and Luke scene was cut is a goddamn crime.

Author — TheAsaoirc


Tangentially re: Cosmonaut section: It disappoints me whenever someone hears that magic, animation or children are involved in a work of fiction and immediately decide that there are no rules. No logic. No substance. No reason to become invested in the story or its characters. That anything can happen at any time without reason and anyone who expects more is an idiot or some flavor of insane.

Author — Overseer76


Came here expecting 4 hours of brutal sarcastic putdown, left with a greater understanding of intelligent storytelling and what makes a movie a good movie.

Great video!

Author — TheCryptonian


The way they handled the First Order is such a missed opportunity. In my humble opinion, they should have opted for a relatively small (but big by our standards) group of underground fascist-like Empire terrorist cells causing mayhem in Republic space, not this nonsense that can manage to make the largest known Weapon of Mass Destruction in secret, with seemingly unending funds and manpower. Suddenly you can have a scary Sith appear in Coruscant's sewer system like a maniac, a la Jack the Ripper. Then it may mean something, and carry some weight.

Author — Koko


Came for the critique, stayed for the Cosmonaught bashing.

Author — Snow Doll


Is nice to see someone calling out of how hypcritical Cosmonaut is and no getting the video disliked to oblivion.

Author — Random-dude


Rey may as well be in the Matrix.
Whenever she needs a new skill, she Just downloads the information into her mind.

Author — 1000000man1


It's fine, I didn't want to do ANYTHING this weekend anyway.

Author — Cynic Snacks


It’s so baffling how this dude managed to make a review this long and have it be the third part. How much did he write??? How long did this take to edit? Damn bro... dedication. You have my respect.

Author — BrickNGames


I absolutely HATE the sequel trilogy. Absolute garbage.

Author — Dumb Robot



Cosmonaut's inconsistency is worse than Kylo Ren.

Author — Frostbite


"Hux and Holdo are not Homer Simpson. I'm glad we had this conversation."
Perfectly delivered by your default, deadpan voice.

Author — Story-Teller BJFultz


Please make more videos critiquing Cosmonaut Variety Hour. He needs to improve BADLY. And at least you’re entertaining AND constructive.

Author — Jonathan LaRiviere


As a cosmonaut fan, yes his contradictions and ignorance in explaining his opinions sometimes gets on my nerves.

Especially when he knows he knows better but chooses to be intellectually dishonest, just watch his last of us 2 review and you'll see what I mean.

Author — II2NONE